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  1. OK. The oscommerce2-mypgsql project is Beta1 is ok. Somebody can download it for test. Here it is.
  2. Hi, MrPhil: I have compared osc 2.x with osc 3.x. Obviously, osc 3.x is more structured than osc 3.x.However, osc 3.x used too many new php features to be understood. I am not good at php, so a simple application is what I like. Since SUN corp. was sold to Oracle corp., I decided to use PostgreSQL instead of MySQL. Actually, PostgreSQL is more steady and powerful than MySQL. I don't intend to make a php compatibility layer with different database, and I have no so ability to achieve it as mentioned above. I just want to migrate oscommerce 2.3.1 to PostgreSQL. oscommerce 2.3.1 hasn't used any MVC framework, so there are much more sql code together with html and business logic, and many MySQL private functions and nonstandard SQL syntax are used. It is so difficult to make a database layer in osc 2.x. Maybe it is the reason that Haraldpdl is working at osc 3.x. On the other side, it's the reason that I decide to use osc 2.x, haha. I have almost finished migration work with osc 2.3.1. I will push the source code to github. My address is: Please stand by because I am not experienced with github. BTW: Is there anybody join us? Tester are more popular. please mail to
  3. will be able to... when? I need it right now. How hard to complete it in the end? What can I do for osc3 and postgresql?
  4. Hi Fred, what does you mean? I don't really like to do it myself, but nothing about postgresql is found. Would you please tell me where is the oscommerce postgresql migiration project? version 2.3.1 or 3.0.x?
  5. I need oscommerce to support postgresql. To my disappointed, the osc official team has not any desire to work with it. I have to do it myself. I've finished install function with postgresql, see the attachment. It is not difficult as imagination. Is there anybody join us? Tester are more popular. oscommerce-pgsql.sql.txt