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  1. Hi, Items show up in the shopping cart but when a customer goes through the stages of order confirmation, there are no products? they still show in the top right hand corner cart. Thought I would try confirming the order anyway to see if anything got passed to PayPal's shopping cart, but nothing! please help my site is live. It was a PayPal contribution that did this, I was having problems with customer orders as I could receive the money but did not know what the customer was ordering, hence the installation of PayPal IPN, but now the customer can't buy!!!!! HELP, HELP, HELP!!! Dan
  2. danielford99

    Items not showing up in confirm order

    Finally managed to install the PayPal IPN contribution, but I have just tested it and my items in my basket do not go in to the order confirmation box or get passed to the PayPal cart?? I can just see 'x' and '0.00'???? PLEASE HELP, Dan
  3. danielford99

    Paypal IPN

    Hi, Sorry this is not an answer to your question, but a question from me!. I have PayPal installed and I thought everything was fine with my site until I sold my first item. I received the payment but didn't have a clue what the payment was for!. I keep hearing about this IPN contribution but I haven't a clue what to do! Any help would be brill. Dan
  4. danielford99

    PayPal Orders Not Appearing

    Hi, I also have this problem. Has anyone worked out how to fix it?. When I receive payment I do not know what the customer has ordered. Help!! Dan
  5. danielford99

    Shipping Zone problems

    Hi, Can anyone please, please tell me how I can set up 2 zones (1 - UK, 2 - Non-UK), charged at UK - ?0.00, Non-UK ?5.00 per order? I would also like to know if it is possible to have the checkout automatically calculate the shipping costs depending on the customers default address 'Country'? Thanks, Dan ps This is pretty urgent as I am unable to access the internet from home and after today I am off until Wed 14th!!!!
  6. danielford99

    PayPal & osCommerce

    I finally seem I am getting my head around all this osCommerce stuff! I am going to install it tonight along with a template that I have also customerised. However my original site used PayPal's shopping cart, as I am going to change this, how easy is it to still use PayPal to take the payment? Please reply like you are talking to an 8 year old, I'm not up on all the jargon etc. Thanks, Dan
  7. danielford99

    Credit Cards

    Hi, Why not use osCommerce for the shopping cart and continue using PayPal for the payment? I know this can be done, but unfortunately I don't know how. I am in the same position. Dan
  8. danielford99

    PayPal or osCommerce

    Hi all, I have recently developed a movie memorabilia & merchandise website and have used PayPal for online payments. Having now been told by a friend to have a look at osCommerce I am in two minds which to use (PayPal or osCommerce). The worrying thing about possibly using osCommerce is that my website is almost complete and I do not want to start on any large modifications. So I ask anyone out there who was/is in the same situation to me WHAT SHALL I DO!!????. Is osCommerce easy to implement? How much will affect the work I have already done? I am only really familiar with HTML, is this a problem? Thanks, Dan