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  1. I was so thrilled with my http://itsybitsymail.com website that I decided to use Multi Template System to update my http://jewellsembroidery.com website. I could not be happier with the results! My original osc embroidery website had been heavily modified, but it just seemed to be lacking ... and I could not figure out what to do to correct that. It was very discouraging. Now that my website has been updated using MTS, I'm am happier than words can begin to express! Thank you so much, George, for all of the time and effort you put into making my websites what they are today! Your MTS is absolutely fantastic ... and you are worth your weight in gold! :)
  2. After several attempts to open a new eStore on my own, I decided that enough was enough. I contacted another osCommerce user with questions regarding an add-on that she is using on her site and she suggested that I contact George, as he had recently helped her. I am so happy that I followed her advice! I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to have found George and his Mini Template System! George not only installed the newest version of osC and his Mini Template System for me, but he installed additional programs that would make my store more efficient, more attractive and easier to use. He even created a special *Required feature for my store that ensures my customers will complete their order form fully before progressing to the checkout screen. This feature is fantastic! I know nothing about programming, and it is so nice to be able to make changes to the appearance of my store without having to go 'behind the scenes' and re-write code, risking breaking my store with every attempt I make to create a store that is uniquely mine. The Mini Template System is really great, and after learning the basics I am finding it to be easy to use. George’s knowledge, experience and expertise are absolutely priceless, and he has worked diligently to ensure that I am happy with my purchase and with his services ... tweaking my site, beautifying it, patiently answering questions and giving guidance. I’m very thankful to have had the opportunity to work with him and I look forward to working with him in the future. I would wholeheartedly recommend his services and his Mini Template System to anyone who is looking for a better way to create the store of their dreams. http://itsybitsymail.com
  3. jeu4328

    How to create form in ckeditor

    Thank you so much for your help, Steve. I really appreciate the suggestion. I will try that. :) Jewell
  4. jeu4328

    How to create form in ckeditor

    Hi, Gary: Could you please send me a personal message lettingme know how much you would charge to install the module on my website? Thank you, Jewell
  5. jeu4328

    Security issue with KCFinder

    Please disregard previous plea. I've re-installed, and it is working :) Thank you, Jewell
  6. jeu4328

    How to create form in ckeditor

    Ok ... I meant to add that last comment to a different message string. :blush: I actually STILL need help with this issue. :- Burt, where can I find the add-on that you mentioned above? *Instead of the drop down boxes, is it possible to format it to show an image of each available option with the name below it and a radio button next to each one (or alternatively a check box next to each image when multiple choices are allowed)? Thank you, Jewell
  7. jeu4328

    How to create form in ckeditor

    Please disregard previous plea. It is working :) Thank you, Jewell
  8. jeu4328

    How to create form in ckeditor

    Hey, Burt: Thank you for letting me know. Where can I find this add-on? I think I'd like to try it ... AFTER I undo the mess I've made trying to install the other add-on. Thank you for your help! Jewell
  9. jeu4328

    How to create form in ckeditor

    I feel as if I've landed in the depths of 'heck'! :'( This is one of the most difficult add-ons I've ever tried to install!!! I've managed to get through part of the installation ...Option Types v2 ... but the instructions for the AttribManager Add-on is so confusing that I'm at a loss! It appears that I've broken my site. I'm getting error messages up the wazoo! (w00t) I'm hoping the error messages are there because I haven't added the AttribManager Add-on portion yet. I'm still plugging along ... if you have any suggestions as to which set of instructions I'm supposed to be following I'd surely appreciate your feedback. Please tell me there is a light at the end of this very looooooooooooong and confusing tunnel that I've stumbled into! :blink: Jewell
  10. jeu4328

    How to create form in ckeditor

    Thank you, George. I searched for it after your earlier suggestion and didn't find it so I continued looking for help. :blush: I appreciate your posting the links. I've found the add-on and will try it out. Thanks again! :D Jewell
  11. jeu4328

    How to create form in ckeditor

    That should have read: A) Greeting Card w/ top fold (plus Picture of example) B) Greeting Card w/ side fold (plus Picture of example) etc. I would want to add a picture to the individual VALUES of the options. Thank you, Jewell
  12. jeu4328

    How to create form in ckeditor

    That's funny ... evidently B+) = B) :D
  13. jeu4328

    How to create form in ckeditor

    Hi, Burt: :) The following is an example of the type of thing I'd like to do: (I'd like to have the customer only be able to select 1 choice from each option) Option 1: What type of card would you like to purchase? A) Greeting Card w/ top fold (Picture of example) B) Greeting Card w/ side fold (Picture of example) Option 2: What color of Stationary would you like? A) Cream (Picture of color chip) B) Blue (Picture of color chip) C) Yellow (Picture of color chip) D) White (Picture of color chip) etc. Option 3: What design would you like on the outside of the card? (I have 25 options to choose from and would like for customers to see each design) A) Flower (Picture of design) B) Heart (Picture of design) C) Bird (Picture of design) etc. Option 4: What color would you like your embossed design to be? A) Black (Sample of card with this color embossing) B) White (Sample of card with this color embossing) C) Yellow (Sample of card with this color embossing) etc. That sort of thing. Thank you, Jewell
  14. jeu4328

    How to create form in ckeditor

    I've looked through the Add-Ons and I'm not finding what I need. However, I DID check out the Admin/Product Attributes and discovered that I can have more than one option for each product. (Big DUH on my part! :wacko: ) QUESTIONS: Can anyone tell me how I would go about changing the display from drop down box to individually listed items/attributes with a radio button next to each one? Is there a way to add a picture above each of the attribute options? Thank you, Jewell :)
  15. jeu4328

    How to create form in ckeditor

    Thank you, George. I will do that. :) I appreciate your response, Jewell