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  1. New user checking please. Installed to site running v2.2 rc2 changed ini email set data folder to 755 Loaded to directory in the mod folder as is - so the path is /public_html/mystore/includes/modules/kiss_filesafe/classes/kiss_filesafe.php so try to run first time http:// mysite/mystore/includes/modules/kiss_filesafe/classes/kiss_filesafe.php?auth=mypass but get 500 error. Have gone round and round read forum and support, rechecked all several times.. Please advise if you can see something I have missed..
  2. bheard


    ok thanks - will see if I can work through the above.. and not kill anything in the process..
  3. bheard


    Looking for security before I go live with this site and wonder if the odd file issue above has been added ie the full package or should I download the version 3 and go over the fixes... Many thanks to all you clever clever coders... I am new and ever so grateful...
  4. Have installed in test environment on V2.2 Rca. 2 issues before I can go live FIRST being display onscreen - appears to be related to an error I cannot see.. The button image is not what it should be - if you click on the area it appears to go through except total. Gift Vouchers & Coupons TEXT_ENTER_GV_CODE and SECOND Hopefully related to the above.... Customers Order total gives the result without the total deducting the gift or discount amount.. Admin config is show totals = true 1 x Matrox G200 MMS (MG200MMS) = $299.99 Memory 4 mb Model Value ------------------------------------------------------ Sub-Total: $299.99 Flat Rate (Best Way): $5.00 Total: $304.99 Discount Coupons: KidsPot: -$36.60 Delivery Address