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  1. qahsan786


    Jack_mcs... no need to apologize... your contribution in the OSCommerce is an award winning... + on the top your dedication towards the post and answering peoples issues/questions is even more than anything. i am sure, like me, we love your contribution and cant thank enough. I am sure people wont be posting any future issues related to invalid username anymore as it is already resolved. Thanks again for all your help. peace~
  2. qahsan786


    @osc_david: your pointer to look at post1870/1877-1880 solved the issue of invalid username on OS2.3.1 & Sitemonitor ver3.0 Please note that sitemonitor version 3.0 is missing the updated file sitemonitor_admin.php; post 1877 has the updated file, please copy paste and everything will work as it should. @jack_mcs: please note that your full package for sitemonitor3.0 is missing the updated file of sitemonitor_admin.php thanks so much! peace~
  3. qahsan786


    osc_david... thanks so much for your input on this. i will work on it in a little bit and let you know. Also, thanks for bringing that up in regards to the latest download version is missing something that is posted on post1870, 1877-1880. i am sure it has fixed your issue and will fix mine as well. thanks again.
  4. qahsan786


    when sitemonitor is unzipped following folder shows up: oscommerce_2.3 oscommerce_MS2_or_RC2 UpdateDocs i installed the files from oscommerce_2.3 (twice to confirm); please advise if this is incorrect. for my other website; running OS2.2 i used oscommerce MS2_or_RC2; running fine. thanks,
  5. qahsan786


    Let me rephrase... my one subdomain works great using the newest sitemonitor. I am having issues with my newly installed subdomain with the newest sitemonitor version 3.0. this new subdomain is OS2.3 and i user sitemonitor 3.0 for OS2.3 as well...
  6. qahsan786


    Hi Jack - great contribution works great for my OS2.2. Thank you! i am having issues with my 2.3 as follows: (i have read almost all the posts and went through the suggestions of switching the paths, changing admin folder permission to 777 etc but still no go; not sure what is wrong): Your username is invalid. Please change it and try again.: System -> /home3/USERNAME/public_html/SUBDOMAIN/ - SiteMonitor -> /home3/USERNAME/public_html/SUBDOMAIN/ If you look at the path... both are correct... this is exactly what is showing up on my cpanel->filemanager. the admin username password that sitemonitor is pulling is my DB username and password; i have changed it to admin username/passwd and still no go... Please note that the SUBDOMAIN is a freshly installed OS2.3 with no modules installed. this is the first module that i wanted to install before anything. your input in this would save my lots of hours... look forward to your response. regards!