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  1. Yes i've found that this was the problem searching on the net :) thank you very much for the answer
  2. dreamwalker

    Remove unused images who use it?

    Yes for me too, but these images are in the directory /images, and it found them as UNUSED, but they are USED °_°
  3. Someone used this contribution? I installed it, but it found (togheter with unused images) some image that ARE linked to an existing product that is in stock. And it finds too a lot of images used by oscommerce itself: 4011898081114_01.jpg 4011898081114_02.jpg 4895005809026_1.jpg 8032680820090_2.jpg 8032680820090_3.jpg 8032680820144A_2.jpg 8032680820144A_3.jpg 8032680820144_2.jpg 8032680820144_3.jpg 8032680820205_2.jpg 8032680820205_3.jpg 8032680820304_2.jpg 8032680820304_3.jpg 8032680821202_2.jpg 8032680821202_3.jpg 8033609530137_2.jpg 8033609530137_3.jpg 8033772890755_2.jpg 8033772890755_3.jpg 8033772891424_2.jpg 8033772891424_3.jpg 8034055580059_2.jpg 8034055580059_3.jpg FacebookBanner.jpg LUWOW01_2.jpg LUWOW01_3.jpg Provahome.jpg account_notifications.gif account_orders.gif account_personal.gif arrow_down.gif arrow_east_south.gif arrow_green.gif arrow_south_east.gif box_products_notifications.gif box_products_notifications_remove.gif box_write_review.gif category_dvd_movies.gif category_gadgets.png checkout_bullet.gif header_account.gif header_cart.gif header_checkout.gif manufacturer_fox.gif manufacturer_samsung.png manufacturer_warner2.gif pixel_silver.gif pixel_trans.gif social_bookmarks/digg.png social_bookmarks/email.png social_bookmarks/facebook.png social_bookmarks/google_buzz.png social_bookmarks/twitter.png stars_1.gif stars_2.gif stars_3.gif stars_4.gif stars_5.gif subcategory.gif subcategory_action.gif subcategory_cartoons.gif subcategory_comedy.gif subcategory_drama.gif subcategory_science_fiction.gif subcategory_thriller.gif table_background_account.gif table_background_address_book.gif table_background_browse.gif table_background_cart.gif table_background_checkout.gif table_background_confirmation.gif table_background_contact_us.gif table_background_default.gif table_background_delivery.gif table_background_history.gif table_background_list.gif table_background_login.gif table_background_man_on_board.gif table_background_password_forgotten.gif table_background_payment.gif table_background_products_new.gif table_background_reviews.gif table_background_reviews_new.gif table_background_specials.gif Other problem, ONLY when using this it changes the graphic of the menu' on the left as shown in the attached image.
  4. dreamwalker

    Remove Unused Images [Support Thread]

    What can be the problem? I have this when I click on "remove images" in the tools section: Gateway Time-out The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application.
  5. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: file_put_contents() in /web/htdocs/www.mysite.it/home/admin/image_verify.php on line 148 ????what's up?
  6. On the new folder in admin/languages/english/categories.php it says Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING The version is 2.0 and it says works on 2.3.1 and are corrected in language, but it gives me the error. Where can be the problem? Anyway if the developer contact me, I have a GREAT modification that would be useful for ALL people. But I need a little help to fix it, since I'm not a programmer. //BOF Select Product Image Directory define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_DIRECTORY_DONT_EXIST_1', 'ERROR - The provided \'images\' directory '); define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_DIRECTORY_DONT_EXIST_2', ' does not exist on the server!!.'); define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_IMAGE_DIRECTORY', 'Image Directory:'); define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_IMAGE_ROOT_DIRECTORY', 'Default Folder); define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_IMAGE_NEW_FOLDER', 'New Folder: '); HERE IT SAYS THERE'S ERROR. define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_UPDATE_PRODUCT', 'Update'); define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_INSERT_PRODUCT', 'Insert'); define('TEXT_PRODUCTS_WITHOUT_PREVIEW', ' without preview '); define('SUCCESS_CREATED_DIRECTORY', 'Folder %s created in %s.', 'success'); //EOF Select Product Image Directory
  7. Probably you can't help me, but I try: I have this errors: Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied for user 'xxx' (using password: YES) in /web/htdocs/www.xxx.it/home/indicizza/fmenu.php on line 17 Warning: mysql_select_db() [function.mysql-select-db]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) in /web/htdocs/www.xxx.it/home/indicizza/fmenu.php on line 19 Warning: mysql_select_db() [function.mysql-select-db]: A link to the server could not be established in /web/htdocs/www.xxx.it/home/indicizza/fmenu.php on line 19 Could not connect to DB the lines 01/19 are these: <?php class DB { var $ident; // var $sql = array('host'=>DB_SERVER,'user'=>DB_SERVER_USERNAME,'pass'=>DB_SERVER_PASSWORD,'db'=>DB_DATABASE); //$DB->set($dbconfig['db_server'], $dbconfig['db_username'],$dbconfig['db_password'], $dbconfig['db_name']); function set ($host, $user, $pass, $db){ $this->sql['db'] = $db; $this->sql['host'] = $host; $this->sql['user'] = $user; $this->sql['pass'] = $pass; } function connect (){ // Si connette a MySQL $this->ident = mysql_connect($this->sql['host'], $this->sql['user'], $this->sql['pass']); What can be the problem?
  8. and about a forum? You know if there's some contribution? I tryied to search using the search field but if i write "forum" it gives me a lot of contributions but not for having a forum on the site
  9. The link it's for all image contributions.....you selected one or it was to show me all?
  10. it's simple to modify or need to be known php? let me know if you remember the name of the contribution for that purpose of the sub-folders
  11. @ toyicebear: for oscommerce 2.3? Do you know the name or the link? (and, if I found it for 2.2 i can use anyway on 2.3?)
  12. Obviously in this, the problem is that oscommerce read the images from /image directory, but not from the subdirectory, and i think that if modified, it would need a lot of time to search the images from many folders....
  13. my host is www.aruba.it, I contacted them, and they told that is a windows problem, that can't handle more than 3 or 4.000 files in the same folder. They say that placing so many files in the same folder could create hardware problems too......I don't know if this is real or not......but I found these: http://ask-leo.com/is_there_a_limit_to_what_a_single_folder_or_directory_can_hold.html http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/limits-windows.html
  14. i have no limit in space, if i create 200 folder inside image folder, each one with 1.500 images it works properly, the problem is if i put all images in the same folder..... so i don't think is webspace.....or not?
  15. simple problem. With 3.000 images in the same folder, ftp doesn't open anymore the folder, and i can't work. I have 25.000 products....so it's impossible to fill the folder with 25.000 images...how can i do?