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  1. tellar

    Os Commerce POS

    I am using the Edit order module for my online store and would like to change it to be able to use oscommerce as a pos system. When using the order editor you must complete 5 steps to add a product to the order and update the total. I need the module to auto update the order with the product if there is just one result in the search field which also searches now in the field barcode which I have added to the database in products. I have made a change which checks the size of the array of results if this is just one result it shows the text "just one result" I would like at this point that the product will be automatically added to the order. Any ideas?
  2. tellar

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi Guys I have intalled and have been using order editor for quite some time now but I have a small problem which I cant quite work out. I use a cash register program in my shop and os commerce for online but the 2 cant comunicate as the cash register ubdates just once a day. So I have decided to make my own cash register program based on oscommerce and the order editor contribution, and it works great. The problem that I have arrises when it is busy in the shop and the personel scan a barcode in they myst then choose a result and then choose to add the chose result to the order. after 10 Items this becomes a laborious task. I would like it to add the product directly to the order if there is only one result found in the product search from step 1. I have made it to echo "just one result" in step 2 if that is the case but I do not know how to make it jump to step 5 and update the order. The rest of the fuctionality needs to remain the same as there are certain products which do not have barcodes so need to be selected then updated in the order. I apreciate any help that you can offer me in solving this issue. I thought that the order editor could jump to the processing url with the correctly populated variables if there is ony one result. Any Ideas?
  3. tellar

    Order Total

    Hello, I have shop which is also online, part of the shop is a video rental shop, I want to use a second instalation of os commerce to let the rental customers select their films using the os commerce interface. I have installed second instalation of oscommerce to my server I have added a new variable to the database and administration called products_rental_price this is called by my second instalation in all of the pages modules and boxes which is working apart from: The rental price is now showing everywhere in the site apart from on the checkout_confirmation.php where the subtotal is given as €0 I have found that the information reads from the orders_products table in the database but the question is when and how does orders_products get updated with this information? Thanks for your wisdom Paul