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    Navigation error from Database

    RESOLVED. Needed to set my permalinks to Month and Name from default.
  2. Hi All, I have an error . When I search on products in the db. I get to the point where they results should be displayed but instead of showing the list of found products it reverts to the homepage. Its as if there was a 404 re-directed to the homepage and yet I know I have the products in the db. Here is the URL which displays after the search, but it just goes back home: http://localhost/wpo...=5&filter_id=39 Any ideas? Little bit to add: The failure above is when I conduct a search thro the manufacturers dropdown and the resultant search gives this (broken) url: .......wposc/?Menu=8&Menu=78&sort=2a&manufacturers_id=3&filter_id=78 When I drill down from the category list theres no problem I can go straight to the product....and this is the working url: .........wposc/?page_id=323&slug=index.php&cPath=8_78
  3. Hi, Ive added STS to a blank installation. All seems OK on install except the admin left hand lest is a bit all over the place, but thats not the problem. Ive gone thro the whole installation, switched on all four modules in sts, loaded the simple template and none of the changes I have made are being reflected on the pages. Its clearly not picking up the simple template. Am I missing something. Has something been omitted from the instructions? Thanks
  4. Product Finder: multiple category drop-downs Has anyone got this to work with Oscommerce or does anyone know how to install it on Oscommerce? For instance in ZEN the folders are all named after theinstalled theme and thats where you install this addon. Does anyone know where you would place these files in catalog/? Or does anyone have something that will create the same triple drill down search facility for oscommerce? Thanks All Heres the filelist from the Zen installation: File List /modellist.php - NEW /includes/functions/extra_functions/product_finder.php - NEW /includes/languages/english/extra_definitions/product_finder.php - NEW /includes/languages/spanish/extra_definitions/product_finder.php - NEW includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/buttons/english/go.jpg - NEW includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/buttons/spanish/go.png - NEW includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/common/tpl_header.php - may overwrite an existing file, merge differences includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/common/html_header.php - may overwrite an existing file, merge differences includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/css/style_product_finder.css - NEW includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/jscript/jscript_model_year.js - NEW - If you already use jquery - you don't need this, see below. includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME/jscript/jquery-1.3.2.min.js - NEW Copy the files into the correct directories. The files marked with the YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME path need to go into your template directories, NOT into directories literally called "YOUR_TEMPLATE_NAME". tpl_header.php - contains the code chunk to display the new section. html_header.php - only contains one extra line to load the jquery: <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $template->get_template_dir('.js',DIR_WS_TEMPLATE, $current_page_base,'jscript')?>/jquery-1.3.2.min.js"></script>
  5. Hi All, Ive installed this on a fresh clean latest oscomm install. The reason Im interested in this is to see if I can just make the three dropdowns drill through my existing databse, ie , product Manufacturer/product Type and then product number which would then list the product. Can this be done easily? Im not interested in the admin side, I want the dropdowns to pick up the categories/products I already have placed in through Easy Populate. At the moment, even though I have manually added two "cars" into my db , I still have three blank dropdowns, and this is after "dropped" all the files on a clean install as advised. Anyone help? Thanks people. Damixa
  6. DaMixa

    EP HELP!

    Can anyone help with this please, This must have happened before.......SURELY theres an EP guru in our midst??
  7. DaMixa

    EP HELP!

    I have uploaded a csv file with EP with 224 laser printers. I have placed them all in a category CANON and a sub category COLOUR PRINTERS. I have pasted the words "COLOUR PRINTERS" in all of the second category cells in the CSV file so they should all appear in Cannon/Colour Printers in my categoriess box on the left of my home page. Problem is , when I upload the CSV file I get 106 COLOURS LASERS and 118 COLOUR LASERS. TWO SUB CATEGORIES under CANON. I have installed this on a fresh install with no mods , just EP aand just cannot understand why EP is creating TWO subcats both named COLOUR PRINTER. Any Ideas?? Can be seen on swiftys.co.uk/catalog
  8. I've used EP before with Zen and not come across this before. I'm uploading 3000 products and all fit within 10 first categories, then each has 5 sub cats, and then many sub sub cats. Problem is, the sub cats are being split,seems arbitrarily, so for eg, I have top level cat of "samsung", then a sub cat of "fax". When I upload all products those with "fax" in sub car should all sit in that sub cat, but EP splits "fax" into two sub cats, both called "fax". I have looked and there is no misspelling, or capitalisations that might do this, I have checked the cells for spacings or full stops but all "fax" cells look exactly the same. Any ideas?