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  1. hi, i am relatively new to oscommerce and have been tinkering with setting up a gold/silver shop for BitCoins (BTC, www.bitcoin.org for more info). I was thinking if it were possible to fetch gold/silver spot prices to price the items in their respective spot value+x... as in "spot+5%" or "1.05" for a margin of 5% above spot or as in "+3" for "spot + 3 [secondary currency]" effectively, the prices would then be denominated in USD, I do have a tool that fetches the USD/BTC to display BTC prices. Could that be done (obviously not by me...)? I think it might be done via some module / plugin... If so, would someone like to do it? I would gladly arrange for compensation - if you would like to shoot me a message (bitcoincommodities__NOSPAM__@googlemail.com. I'm equally thankful for whatever input you might have for me. Cheers BTCcomm