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  1. Hi again, well... I repeat I'm no expert so I cannot help you in implementing new stuff into the code. What I can do is telling you what I did in order to have the result you see. 0) BACKUP! 1) installed QTpro contribution. For newbie like I am it may look difficult (and I was really scare to screw things up), but once instructions are strictly followed, the module works great. 2) In the Oscommerce Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Prod Info (QTPro) you can find different options to set up the module for your website. Among them you will also find: "Display table with stock information", once you set this to "true" you will have your table in the product_info page. If you're asking me how to implement the table into the other contribution you've found, I cannot answer, because I have no idea! In your previous post your said: That's all I can tell you right now... Ciao!
  2. Hi, sorry for answering late, been busy. What do you mean exactly by "make a list like yours"? If you mean the table after the drop down menu, that is an option of the QTpro module, you just need to enable it from the admin panel. I'm really not an expert, so someone else can be more precise. As far as the problem with quantity added in the cart it has been fixed. Thanks for the reply, anyway! Ricroma
  3. Hi, sorry to bother you guys, I've checked the support thread of the addon but noticed it was locked. I've recently implemented the thumbnail listing module in my (upcoming) website. It works great, here you can see a preview of the work in process (some minor style changes, etc.). Now, I'm not an expert but I would like some help. What I would like to do is to add the possibility to order by price the products shown in the thumbnail list. This is possible in the regular list style (you can switch between the two styles clicking on the bottom of the page). So I was wondering if this can also be done for the thumbnail mode... and in case, how! (Please, be gentle, I'm a super amateur) :-) Thanks a lot for any help, Ricroma
  4. Hi, sorry to bother, but I would like some help. I'm not an expert so sorry if I won't be too much precise. Well, after a long struggle I've came up with the e-store for my business: The most is done, but I still need some tuning. This one in particular: I've implemented the QTpro module that allow me to set a quantity to each attributes of a product. Here it is an example. Now, what I what to do is to show the quantity available for each attribute INSIDE the drop down menu, rather than in the table underneath. Something like: Color: pink (3 pcs) . I've tried to mess around with the php files provided in the module, but my results were ridiculous. I think I've detected the code lines that generates the drop down menu: $out.='<p><strong style="margin-right: 10px">'.$attributes[$o]['oname'].":</strong>".tep_draw_pull_down_menu('id['.$attributes[$o]['oid'].']',array_values($attributes[$o]['ovals']),$attributes[$o]['default'], "onchange="stkmsg(this.form);"")."</p>n"; With some few extra strokes is it possible to implement the attribute quantity in the drop down menu? Can anyone help? My final objective is to add also a form field where the costumer could enter a desired quantity to order. But to do so, they should first of all now how many items are available. Hope you can help, thanks a lot in advance! Ricroma EDIT: down here I attach all the code of the file: <?php /* QT Pro Version 4.1 pad_multiple_dropdowns.php Contribution extension to: osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions Copyright (c) 2004, 2005 Ralph Day Released under the GNU General Public License Based on prior works released under the GNU General Public License: QT Pro prior versions Ralph Day, October 2004 Tom Wojcik aka TomThumb 2004/07/03 based on work by Michael Coffman aka coffman FREEZEHELL - 08/11/2003 Copyright (c) 2003 IBWO Joseph Shain, January 2003 osCommerce MS2 Copyright (c) 2003 osCommerce Modifications made: 11/2004 - Created 12/2004 - Fix _draw_out_of_stock_message_js to add semicolon to end of js stock array 03/2005 - Remove '&' for pass by reference from parameters to call of _build_attributes_combinations. Only needed on method definition and causes error messages on some php versions/configurations ******************************************************************************************* QT Pro Product Attributes Display Plugin pad_multiple_dropdowns.php - Display stocked product attributes first as one dropdown for each attribute. Class Name: pad_multiple_dropdowns This class generates the HTML to display product attributes. First, product attributes that stock is tracked for are displayed, each attribute in its own dropdown list. Then attributes that stock is not tracked for are displayed, each attribute in its own dropdown list. Methods overidden or added: _draw_stocked_attributes draw attributes that stock is tracked for _draw_out_of_stock_message_js draw Javascript to display out of stock message for out of stock attribute combinations */ require_once(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'pad_base.php'); class pad_multiple_dropdowns extends pad_base { /* Method: _draw_stocked_attributes draw dropdown lists for attributes that stock is tracked for Parameters: none Returns: string: HTML to display dropdown lists for attributes that stock is tracked for */ function _draw_stocked_attributes() { global $languages_id; $out=''; $attributes = $this->_build_attributes_array(true, false); if (sizeof($attributes)>0) { for($o=0; $o<sizeof($attributes); $o++) { $s=sizeof($attributes[$o]['ovals']); for ($a=0; $a<$s; $a++) { $attribute_stock_query = tep_db_query("select products_stock_quantity from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_STOCK . " where products_id = '" . (int)$this->products_id . "' AND products_stock_attributes REGEXP '(^|,)" . (int)$attributes[$o]['oid'] . "-" . (int)$attributes[$o]['ovals'][$a]['id'] . "(,|$)' AND products_stock_quantity > 0"); $out_of_stock=(tep_db_num_rows($attribute_stock_query)==0); if ($out_of_stock && ($this->show_out_of_stock == 'True')) { switch ($this->mark_out_of_stock) { case 'Left': $attributes[$o]['ovals'][$a]['text']=TEXT_OUT_OF_STOCK.' - '.$attributes[$o]['ovals'][$a]['text']; break; case 'Right': $attributes[$o]['ovals'][$a]['text'].=' - '.TEXT_OUT_OF_STOCK; break; } } elseif ($out_of_stock && ($this->show_out_of_stock != 'True')) { unset($attributes[$o]['ovals'][$a]); } } $out.='<p><strong style="margin-right: 10px">'.$attributes[$o]['oname'].":</strong>".tep_draw_pull_down_menu('id['.$attributes[$o]['oid'].']',array_values($attributes[$o]['ovals']),$attributes[$o]['default'], "onchange="stkmsg(this.form);"")."</p>n"; } $out.=$this->_draw_out_of_stock_message_js($attributes); return $out; } } ?>
  5. errata: the preview is at this address:
  6. Hi, this is my first post, and I should say first of all that I'm just a rookie in oscommerce. After a long time I was able to set up the estore for my small business, here it's a preview: Let's say that the vast majority of tuning is done, I still would like to add some extra touches. For now I am looking for a module that adds shipping fees in the shopping cart (both the box and the page) so the costumers would always be able to see the real total they are going to pay. I'm shipping with a fixed rate, so the price won't change according to weight and other parameters. Is there any module I can use? Thanks a lot in advance for any help, Ricroma