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  1. i just install fresh 2.3.3 version of oscommerce ...and i wanna use this addon jQuery Cycle What's New,23 i follow the instruction i install addons before ...but this 1 it's not working for me the problem appears the What's New box expand down with all new products...and there is no cycle effect. i double check installation procedure all seems fine at this side ... any1 got this addon to work ?
  2. any1 test it on v2.3.3 ? i wanna use this contribution ?
  3. wow love it ty very much for this , it's just what i need (w00t)
  4. i wanna know if this work with v2.3.3 ....i'am looking for short description under image for first page ....any can help me with it?
  5. with help of some smart friends i solved it !
  6. yes i think i press 2 times GO button the problem is i don't now how to remove it :(
  7. Nice work man ! ...i just install your contribution all works fine ....but in admin page i have a tiny problem i will upload a photo ... it's normal to have duplicates entry ?
  8. i need help with banner ...i wanna remove play/pause button from it ...can someone tell me where to look for it ?
  9. addblock don't block site's ...blocks add's / pop up's , flash banners, etc and my site it's born like 2weeks ago !
  10. hmmm that's what i think ....can u give some clue how to search for that addon?
  11. nope not good :( so when i clcik HARDWARE category must do 2 things : 1 ----> the menu must exand down and show all subcat 2 ----> on the content section must display ALL the products from ALL subcat. what do you think ?
  12. great work with this contribution....i use it without issue BUT i wanna customize it a bit : when i click hardware category from accordion menu i wanna to load all products from hardware category not the category selection page . so do you think it's doable this trick? same goes for all top category !
  13. at last i figure out what was wrong with my banner all the problems was from 1 firefox addon "Adblock plus" but i don't know why this bannner it's detected as add's i don't think this is normally to happen .
  14. ok i go back to 1.8.22 i did the changes and same thing no banner what it's more strange even the original banner with oscommerce don't show up in banner manager ..when i click view banner..... the pop up window it's blank page ...i check the img folder and the gif it's there !
  15. I fix it after i calm down a bit when i open hfc_information.php big surprise the all code waz mess up ...i don't know why this happen, i will upload a ss i copy the original content over the code and i fix the problem , but i don't know why this happen....till now all works fine !