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  1. Crickets hu.... Someone has to know this. How hard could it be to just say hey YMM do not filter Universal Products. I am no coder so I am lost. Anyone?
  2. Anyone? I just want to know how to make Universal products show not matter what YMM filter is on. It sounds too easy and I feel like I am just missing the obvious. Thanks FB
  3. Check my post on page 5. I had the same issue as you and was able to work it out with the info I found in earlier threads. I have a new issue I wanted to see if anyone knew about. When I apply an YMM filter to my catalog I am not seeing Universal Products (items listed with all all 0-0 in the catalog). I should be able to see Universal Products with a filter on because it’s universal correct? If I reset the YMM filters I can see Universal Products again. I just expect to see them listed with other filters on. Does anyone know if that is the correct behavior? If not where would be a good place to look to fix it? Thanks FB
  4. I got it figured out. Thanks to omulec's post
  5. I may have missed it, where is the post describing how to fix the category / subcategory filtering?