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  1. markutz

    what templates to use with OC3

    I see. It looks like there is no easy way out. Do you think an html-css-javascript guy who can design UIs for php based apps, but is not a php programmer, has any chance to get an OSCommerce template done? Do you know of any resource (guide, tutorial, book, case study...) which would help me getting started on the right track? Thank you. Marco
  2. markutz

    what templates to use with OC3

    Thank you Nick and Chris, yes, I have to do a major rework and to cut through the chase I think it's best to show you what I need to do. Somebody wants me to put a shopping cart in their existing website, their prototype is the following: http://www.regalobabyboutique.com/page.html As you see it look quite different from OSCommerce home page. I though of using OSC because they need to be able to manage the commercial aspect of the site. I have done just that in the past, but I remember it took me weeks of work. Back then I was still studing and experimenting... so it was fun and a learning experience, but nowadays I don't have that much time (I need to be productive). If I were a kick ass programmer I would just write something that "drops" the products and whatever side modules they want to use in the existing site... but I am not so I need to go the other way around. I need to make OSCommerce look like their site. I started last week and after a few hours i was deep into grids and jquery files... I realized that it was going to take me for ever. So I thought, if I can get a template with the same basic layout which is already designed to work with OSC then i will probably have much less work (hours) to put in the project. So, back to the original question: " Where can I find templates that work well with OSCommerce?" I searched online for hours but I only found a lot of old, outdated templates. When I thought I had found good ones for OSC 2.3.1 i downloaded, I opened the folders and the files were dated 2005... so it can not have been designed for v.2.3.1. I just thought to come and ask you guys in hope to spare myself the torture of browsing for hours and still ending up with outdeted templates. I really appreciate the help. Marco .
  3. markutz

    what templates to use with OC3

    Yes Chris, Thank you for the correction. I did install 2.3.1.... for some reason I just remembered the last two digit. The question still remain as per what to use as a reliable version-template or template system combinations which best lends itself to custom mods of the templates (?). Thank you. Marco .
  4. I'm the new kid on the block. I have used OSCommerce for a projects 5 or 6 years ago and at the time I totally hacked the files to customize the look and feel. (I am a designer/snippets guy, not a programmer, but I can work in several programming environments, html/css/php/sql being the most confortable). Now I am back with a new OSC3.1 (default installation using fantastico). As I went in I was quite surprised to find 'html tables' still mixed with the logic, but.. if that's what we get... that's what I have to work with, i guess. My problem today is that I was hoping to be able to use a template, or template system (STS..3...4 ?), but as I started looking for it I found tons of different feedbacks for different versions and different types of templates... and I don't have time to try everything to see what is reliable. Question: What combination of versions and templates (system or not) is best to use today (2011) which would be reliable and at the same time 'foward looking', meaning possibly not using tables for the main layout? (..and with at least one free template to see if I can work with the system before spending money for a better template.) Once set up I will have to do extensive custom work to match an existing non-OSC website look and feel and I work much faster with CSS/HTML than table/html. As I said I have a fresh 3.1 install so it would not take much to redo the install for another version if you think a different OSC version would be a template frendlier setup. Thank you much, Marco PS. Could you tell me please why I see a lot of recent posts (2011) in this forum about problems with OSC versions that are 1-2-3 years old? Why don't they upgrade? Is it better to work with older versions? Thanks. .