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  1. mysuccess

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Greetings Chemo, I hope that you can assist me please. I am new to osCommerce and site development, and am somewhat confused with what and how to install Add-ons. In searching for an seo solution I came across your contribution, which seems to me to be the better option, Unfortunately, as I have said, I have very little knowledge of osCommerce and no idea as to how to install add-ons. Please help me. mysuccess
  2. mysuccess

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    What do I do with V. 2.3.1?
  3. Thank you for the answer. I wish to add DHL as a shipping option
  4. Please help me! I am a newbie to this whole setting up an eCommerce site. I am doing Drop Shipping and only need the shipping calculated in the checkout area. I see all of these modules, but do not know where to start or even where to put them. Signed, Stuck :)