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  1. elara

    Header Tags SEO

    Hello Friends, please your help, any support or idea will be welcome. I am running Header Tags SEO V 3.2.6 on osCommerce v2.3.1 (PHP 5.3.29). I need to shown pages specially product pages with its own TAGs. I can run the Fill Tags tool without problems and can see tags filled according that in each product in my catalog but these tags are not been showing in meta tags on my page. No matter that I put on Product Meta Tag Information (Title Tag, Description Tag or Keywords Tag) nothing is shown on my site. The only exception is when I fill the right columm on Page Control with Default Tags (global), but it sets all pages with the same generic tags. The other symthom I can see is when I use Check URL tool, no matter what file I check, it always give the same on test results. Here is an example but it is the same for each file. Test Results languages in the Header Tags table are: 1 ( Espanol ). Title and Meta Tag results for conditions.php explain Espanol From Site: Title -> 302 Found Meta Description -> Meta Keywords -> From Settings: Title -> Meta Description -> Meta Keywords -> Results of scan: conditions.php is missing data. Fill Tags should be ran. It is like if Header Tags SEO can not put anything on Meta TAG on pages except the default tags on all pages. Thanks a lot in advanced. Thanks a lot in advanced.
  2. elara

    HoneyPot Captcha

    Hi Jack, I would like to install HoneyPot Captcha, I am running v2.3.1 Oscommerce / 5.3.29 PHP Version, Is it compatible?, what instructions I have to follow?. Thanks a lot in advanced.
  3. elara

    View Counter

    Thank you very much Jack anyway. Edo.
  4. elara

    View Counter

    Hi Jack, please let me one more comment and two simple questions. I have reinstalled Viewcounter again from the beginning. I delete some spaces in the includes/languages/english.php file and wow!, one of my historical nightmares exception monitor error seem to have desapeared by now... Questions are: 1) I reviewed and discovered that the not working country blocking problem started about the same date I enabled https support in my shop. I am using the cpannel redirect from http to https now. Could be it the reason for not blocking countries? (blocking http but not https) What need Viewcounter in order to block countries in https access? 2) In regard to "Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception'... "error in monitor tool, How can I clear the complete historical database of IPs and everything showing by monitor tool? Thanks a lot again Edo.
  5. elara

    View Counter

    Hello Jack, I did the change on the includes/modules/view_counter_country_block.php as you said me. It created the file named blocked_countrys_debug.txt as you said, nevertheless I saw every possible country listed in that file, even my country (Chile) that is not said to be blocked according to my setup in tools. Please help!!, I dont understand what can be happening, but it is clear to me that no country is been blocking now. What other troubleshooting actions could you recomend me? PD: Livezilla is internal to me shop. I am in Chile and I tested from spain or USA using my shop, not my server. Thanks a lot.
  6. elara

    View Counter

    Hi Jack, thanks a lot for answer me. Well, I have not done any update or reset before the problem, that why I dont understand why it stopped working. Yes, I made sure to have enabled the option for country blocinkg in the module settings and then setup it (again) the countries to block in tools. I setup to block any country on the list except Chile. I am sure it is not blocking anything due to several the symptoms and facts. 1) I have Livezilla and it said me the country of visiting. (Many countries are on the visiting list today) 2) The white list on the right side of tools (These IP's have been blocked based on their countries) is empty now and have been empty since I deleted any entry for testing purposes some days ago. 3) I just tried with the page you gave me (http://www.locabrowser.com/) from USA and Spain and the conexions were successful and no blocked country entries was added to the blocked list on the tools white list. How could I do a step by step troubleshooting to this funcionality? Thanks a lot for any help.
  7. elara

    View Counter

    Hello dear supporting friends, some days ago I realized that my viewcounter 1.6 was not blocking any country. This funcionality was working and I have not idea what could have affected it. I have test it using the 3 diferent ip2location_DB11 database files and have reconfigured the country block list again but anything I did worked. Should the .htaccess file be modified when I add a country to a block country list? How could I do a step by step troubleshooting to this funcionality? Please help!!!, this is a great addon and I need it much. Thanks in advanced.
  8. Thanks a lot Malcolm, by now I am unable to upgrade my 2.3.1 OSC due I have a LOT of addons and modifications working on this old version. Some idea about how to do to PDF Customer Invoice (comments) works on 2.3.1? Thanks in advanced.
  9. I already found solution for questions 1 and 2. Please somebody who can help me with number 3 question. Thanks in advanced.
  10. Hello, First of all, thanks a lot for your contribution. I am installing PDF Customer Invoice v1.0 (PDF Invoice 1.6 for 2.3.4 EDGE) addon in 2.3.1 oscommerce and I am having some issues. 1) Invoice´s Final Total Price shows some of the last numbers of the price on the next line, so the total price appears cutted. Is there some way to resize the width for the products table and the final Invoice summary? 2) Text does not fit well on Invoice to and Deliver boxes so I would like to add space to one additional text line. Is there some way to resize the hight and width for these boxes? 3) My Catalog.includes.classes.order.php file does not have the code lines mentioned in the installing instructions so I am unable to display the order comments on the invoice PDF. Please I will thank a lot any help.
  11. elara

    View Counter

    Hello Jack, I have 1.5 version updated to 1.6 version on Osc 2.3.1. BLOCK COUNTRIES tool seems to be working fine now. Please help me with this question. A friend from blocked country tried to connect and he received the following message: You requested MY URL 403 Forbidden was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." Is there some way to change this message to the connections blocked by Viewcounter in orden to give to blocked customer a more helping message?, for example: Sorry, we believe that you are trying to access this server from outside Chile, which is not permitted. If you believe we have made a mistake, we apologize and ask that you please email us to help@@Domain.cl Thanks in advanced.
  12. elara

    View Counter

    Hi Jack, Thanks for your help, I saw you did a new 1.6 version so today I update from my 1.5 installed to the new 1.6. Up to now the last problem I reported has not recurred but I am having a new one. I am trying to block countries in: View Counter -> Tools -> Block Countries I select any country from the left list then I do click on block countries buttons but it only closes this option screen. When I return to the Block Countries option, It does not display anything at the right side of the screen, I understood that it should display a box on the right side showing the blocked countries. Thanks a lot in advanced. . I would like to ask you some help. I am running ViewCounter 1.5 in a
  13. elara

    View Counter

    Hi Jack, thanks for share that with us!. I would like to ask you some help. I am running ViewCounter 1.5 in a Oscommerce 2.3.1 with 5.3.27 (Zend: 2.3.0) PHP and I am getting this warning message: Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /home/ipexpres/public_html/pyme/admin/includes/functions/view_counter.php on line 1764 Could you please help me with some idea to fix it? Thanks a lot in advanced.
  14. elara

    View Counter

    Hi Jack, I dont understand by you talk about v1.4, I only installed the View Countes v1.5 (I dont have any other View Counter version installed before). I donwloaded that complete package from this link: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8781 (I did my best and as far as I know I followed the instalation instrucctions carefully. I upload all of the files in the NewFiles directory to the correct location on the server, modified existing files according instructions, and so on). Is there a 1.6 version?, Could this version solve the fatal error I have?, where I can get that new version? Thanks.
  15. elara

    View Counter

    Hi again, I am only a beginner, therefore I believe that I could have discovered the problem. I realized that view_counter added some lines at the end of to my /root/mysite/.htaccess file and my site was inaccesible. </IfModule> # Begin IP deny by View Counter from www.oscommerce-solution.com order allow,deny deny from allow from all # End IP deny by View Counter from www.oscommerce-solution.com I put an Enter at the begining of these lines added and everything seems to be working again. </IfModule> # Begin IP deny by View Counter from www.oscommerce-solution.com order allow,deny deny from allow from all # End IP deny by View Counter from www.oscommerce-solution.com That I made is correct?? Thanks a lot.