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  1. in the read me file for the contribution there are 3 fields that need to get added to your database - looks like you didnt add them
  2. please - lets not go there again (off topic)
  3. jchasick

    printing your catalog

    you tell em 8)
  4. yes it does - have it working with both MS1 and the latest CVS release what problem are you having?
  5. I was thinking about that last night (order_totals) but wasn't quite sure where it fit into the path of events so that could well be the point... at least you now know where to focus attention
  6. put a exit; towards the end of the module so it stops before completing/before the call to authorizenet itself - this should allow the information to get posted on screen it looks he is saying basically the same thing I am, except that the calculations need to be done before the information gets passed to the authnet module: // *** Subtract that gift discount and assign new value **** $order->info['total'] = $order->info['total'] - $gift_discount_amount; //************************************************************ // Authorizenet ADC Direct Connection // Make sure the /catalog/includes/class/order.php is included // and $order object is created before this!!! if(MODULE_PAYMENT_AUTHORIZENET_STATUS) { include(DIR_WS_MODULES . 'authorizenet_direct.php'); } //************************************************************ it is very strange that you can track that variable all the way up to that point and it is showing the correct info and then it changes at the end :? it has to be something really simple that i am overlooking here...
  7. yeah, that part of the question threw me too and wasnt sure if he meant his clients (as in customers shopping) or his clients (as in people he is creating a site for) :roll:
  8. the code in authorizenet_direct.php that you want to check values being passed is x_Amount => number_format($order->info['total'], 2), do you have a test site or just the live site? you could put in an echo number_format($order->info['total'],2); or print number_format($order->info['total'],2); to view the value being passed before $form_data = array(
  9. if you know how to use phpmyadmin go into your db and look at the records for those sales and see if that information was posted back to the db - my suspicion is that you are calculating these correctly in your code mods, but you are not writing the data back to the db before completing the order so you are left with the original data, not the modified data - while going thru the process you are seeing the values in the global variables being passed along the chain, but that doesnt mean it has been written to the db just a stab at a potential problem without looking at the code (which I really dont have the time to do right now......)
  10. when you calculate these discounts and changes in price, are you updating the price for the order back in the database or simply doing the calculations in the code?
  11. so much for good thoughts :wink:
  12. mattice, cool little mod - it does make signed in users easier to spot! thanks!!
  13. good to go - thanks! (again).....
  14. ok, the eyes are gone, lets start cutting off fingers...... :oops:
  15. :lol: oh yeah, getting this code memorized :lol: I just dont see a definition for USER_TRACKING_WHOIS_URL in any of the files....
  16. ok, what did I miss? I get the following The requested URL /~xxxx/xxxxx/xxxxxx/USER_TRACKING_WHOIS_URL192.168.1.2 was not found on this server. when clicking on the Who Is link :cry:
  17. :o i just installed the last revision :lol: :lol: at first it threw me because i forgot you put in the option to display the tracked pages instead of displaying them by default - nice touch! saves time - thats always appreciated.....
  18. its been a great learning experience for a great contribution!! i still cant believe we missed that one line....... :oops: :lol:
  19. well, you stumpled around enough you are bound to get it right one time.... :lol:
  20. :oops: my mistake try this line of code..... tep_db_query("delete from ' . TABLE_USER_TRACKING . ' where time_last_click < " . (time() - ($purge * 3600)));
  21. open the file in a text editor and replace the line of code in the file with the one I posted and see if that fixes your problem
  22. try this tep_db_query("delete from user_tracking where time_last_click < '" . (time() - ($purge * 3600))"'"); i was sure that was fixed last night :shock:
  23. modom - are you using the version just put up today or an earlier version - I thought that problem got fixed last night.... :?
  24. for both user tracking and config or just user tracking?
  25. can you copy and paste your line 60 so i can take a look at it