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  1. understood but pick a target, any target :wink: and remove the folder(s) that dont belong in the zip to cut down on the msgs regarding those files (from stupido's like me) :lol:
  2. Peter, whats the secret to dl'ng the files - i went to get your latest version and while everything is marked free, when you go thru checkout you have to select a payment method and then it tells you that you cannot dl until payment is received, but it free???? what am I missing :wink:
  3. she's always working time to relax a little
  4. i guess some people who have nothing better to do when they are not working like to bother people who have nothing better to do when they have nothing better to do..... :wink:
  5. groovy code - psychadelic 8) something to add to your list (i know it must be getting short) :lol: 1) hidden products added in would be cool :wink: 2) adding the prev/next buttons at the top and bottom of the product info page this is so cool to play with - i'm sure by the time i am done kicking the tires MS2 and a new version of SEC will be ready and we can start all over again :lol: :lol: I need that head banging smilie from my board :wink:
  6. i guess i did break something... for some reason the language files were not getting called in the admin modules (or at least not all of them)... very strange.... but i fixed it :wink: thanks :D
  7. Linda finally got it installed and working (for the most part) was reading thru this thread and a couple of the other threads to try and find the answer, but then I stopped reading the others (thanks to certain peoples remarks.....) :roll: here is the q: everything seems to be functioning now, but in the admin, some of the language files seems to working and others arent example: on the main Admin page: ?osCommerce? BOX_ENTRY_SUPPORT_SITE BOX_ENTRY_SUPPORT_FORUMS BOX_ENTRY_MAILING_LISTS BOX_ENTRY_BUG_REPORTS BOX_ENTRY_FAQ BOX_ENTRY_LIVE_DISCUSSIONS BOX_ENTRY_CVS_REPOSITORY BOX_ENTRY_INFORMATION_PORTAL Catalog CATALOG_CONTENTS, Manufacturers My Store TABLE_HEADING_CONFIGURATION_TITLE TABLE_HEADING_CONFIGURATION_VALUE TABLE_HEADING_ACTION? etc... some titles are shown, some are showing the variable name... any ideas? TIA 8)
  8. jchasick

    Sid Killer

    the spider killer is the one also if you search the tips&tricks thread, there is a good one posted there (its was never put up as a contribution)
  9. jchasick

    Customer Discount Mod

    that is the downloads/contributions area, not the contributions thread on this forum click on the downloads link at the top of the page and then click on the contributions link :wink:
  10. jchasick

    Customer Discount Mod

    search the contributions area using the terms 'customer discount'
  11. now thats a cool contribution - like a mini portal system for your site nice work!!
  12. that is the correct section of code - when the contribution was written the code base was slightly different so you need to pay close attention (as you are obviously doing) to installing the contribution it does work with the new OSC versions 8)
  13. you need to subscribe to the list to get them emailed to you, or you can check the cvs posting on sourceforge.net for osc
  14. jchasick

    Sid Killer

    the sid killer was built into a cvs version after MS1, so if you are using MS1, you need to use one of the sid killers from the contributions area
  15. Randy you won't find anyone better than Linda - she doesnt have that post count for nothing 8) you would think with all the contributions she writes she wouldn't have time to help as many people as she does, but somehow she always finds the time us mear mortals try, but she is 1 in a million :wink:
  16. ah... yes I was swamped today with various CVS commits so i figured something was afoot - good to know - thanks :wink: keep up the great work, and i love how you can see over things :lol:
  17. there were a number of commits made today so I would wait for the 5-20 release which should get posted later if you want to do a compare Ron, its not even worth saying :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. no apologies needed congrats to you and your wife on your new baby life always comes first :wink:
  19. dont you ever sleep deb :lol:
  20. that is very cool i hope is wasnt another one of those go blind sessions :lol: :lol:
  21. when you have contributed something, such as a code piece or something else, then you will understand what it takes in terms of time to provide support - there are a number of people who provide support and we all cant answer everyone's questions all the time no one is saying you cant seek support, and no one is saying you can point out a bug if you find one, but people who write code contributions do so on their own time, using a specific version of OSC and there are bound to be issues as OSC changes but if you are going to get abusive about it as if someone owes you something, then you are in the wrong place..... 8)
  22. i havent installed it yet, but the idea is very very cool! i will test it out tomorrow :wink:
  23. jchasick

    All Products = Spider Food

    i dont show the cart after items are added and i dont have that problem - if i go to my allprods page, click an item, add the item to my cart, the item gets added and i remain on the page (turned off show cart in admin) - if i click on cart contents to show cart, the item is there and when i click continue shopping, everything is fine - you may want to do that for now until the cause of the problem is found :wink: