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  1. OK, I tried using the new contribution for ADC connect method and it did not work for me... I added the files in the contribution ,I added the password in the authorizenet_direct.php file, I went into authnet and changed the settings from web link to direct response and checked the password required box - i then tested with a test card number and a real card number and both generated error responses I also removed the weblink urls basically in authnet I went settings:response/receipt urls/---- deleted those urls settings:paswword-required mode-----checked password required box so who can help with this problem????? please
  2. I would contact baonguyenx, he is the one that wrote the contribution so he would probably know what is going on - we havent tried it yet since we use authorizenet URL relay and in order to test the direct connect method we would have to take our site down, change the authnet settings, and then go back online and pray that we dont have to stop taking orders to debug the module, so i will be very interested in whether or not you can get it working before we start messing with it
  3. unfortunately nothing can be all thing to all people, unless you want to pay for it we had this problem for a period of time and then we put, in BIG LETTERS, a note on the account creation page that the user should enter their billing address when creating their user account - I think we also put something about it on the checkout page while this falls into the RTFM syndrom, I would say most people do read it and follow the directions and some don't I understand the security issues at stake and reasons behind them (such as using the AVS system on Authorizenet), but again, there are other solutions out there, but be ready to dig deeeeeep into your pocket to use them just my 2 cents... we are going to move to the ADC connect method as rapidly as we can as yesterday, for the first time in 3 years, someone was trying to submit illegal transactions to authorizenet by copying the checkout page and then running a copy of it from their machine so we couldnt even see the ip where the stuff was coming from, but we called Authnet, changed out account ID, changed our password, altered the required fields in the settings panel, etc, and it vanished - using the ADC connect method will stop these types of things from occuring again the next issue to address is what Visa and Mastercard are doing with implementing their systems so when users place online transactions, they will get a popup dialog so they can enter their unique password to validate the order with their code. American Express has a similar system called 'Personal Payments' where they scramble the first 3 or 4 digits of the Amex card number to allow the card holder to enter their card with a code embedded in their card number, but I have yet to see a system that can deal with it.....
  4. ahhhh - OK - I was reading it as if they were changing all methods and replacing ALL methods with the new methods so then your module will continue to work for ADC Direct connect - you are certain :?: thanks
  5. Sorry about that and thank you for looking into this It would seem that while baonguyenx 's contribution will work for some people now, it will cease working after Authorizenet makes their changes so all of us that are using Authorizenet need a new solution that will address the SIM and AIM methods of connecting to Authorizenet. I look forward to the solution and thanks again! jc