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  1. jlivsey

    paypal express refreshes page

    Not sure what caused this issue but it seems to have been resolved. In an affort to check what was going on on the server regarding php i included phpinfo() in the page and after i removed it - the issue has resolved itself. I can only guess it was a long term thing going on with the server as this has been going on since January. Any opinions would be gratefully received just in case it happens again! thanks to all
  2. jlivsey

    Paypal Express problem

    Hi Tony, Did you get to the bottom of this?
  3. jlivsey

    Problems with paypal express global vars?

    I'm having a similar issue - when you click check out the page simply refreshes and the url gets to changed to site/shopping_cart.php?error_message= the api test gives me this: Failure! The PayPal Express Checkout credentials are not set up correctly for live production use. array(0) { } and the debug email gives me this: $HTTP_POST_VARS: $HTTP_GET_VARS: Whats strange is that the site has been working fine for months and all of a sudden has started producing this error! Can anyone help?
  4. jlivsey

    paypal express refreshes page

    Have just double checked the api credentials and they are correct but interestingly when you test them from the admin panel they prduce a failure page. Can anyone help? thanks
  5. jlivsey

    paypal express refreshes page

    @@DunWeb Hi Chris thanks for replying. Yeah the api credentials should be fine - we've been operating fine up until a few weeks ago. Is it possibly a session issue? We had a problem with sessions that seemed to just appear a few weeks ago and im wondering if this is part of the same issue. James
  6. jlivsey

    paypal express refreshes page

    Hi, having an interesting problem with paypal express checkout. You can add something to the basket, go to checkout and when you click the 'checkout with paypal' button the page simply refreshes. I then get a debug email with two empty vars in it: $HTTP_POST_VARS: $HTTP_GET_VARS: when looking at the url i end up with it ends with /shopping_cart.php?error_message= does anyone know what might be the issue?
  7. Hi I just wondered if anyone had an opinion on the best add on for customer behaviour tracking. For EG on my site i only emply paypal as a payment option however i realise that this would put off some guests. I'd like to see how many people add to basket then dont check out etc. thanks
  8. jlivsey

    discounts purely for use with paypal

    thanks to both for your replies. @burt you dont happent to have the names of the ones you mentioned at all do you? thanks
  9. Hi I'm trying to use one of the discount add ons for my site. I've tried a couple (coupon codes, discount codes) but neither of them seems to allow the discoutn to be applied before the checkout process. Im jus using paypal express checkout for the time being and i need to discount to either be applied through the paypal checkout process or before the site passes everything over to paypal. Has anyone else had these issues? It may be that I'm simply missing something in the configuration of the add ons.. any help would be appreciated!
  10. jlivsey

    paypal ignores shipping

    Ahh thanks! that sounds very promising :)
  11. jlivsey

    paypal ignores shipping

    Hi I have 3 flat rates incorporated on the site; UK, Europe and ROW. When a guest buyer checks out through paypal the flat files are ignored since the address details are handled on paypal. Has anyone encountered these issues before? thanks!
  12. jlivsey

    remove OR from above checkout with paypal button

    no problem i found it. Its at catalog\includes\languages\english\shopping_cart.php
  13. jlivsey

    stock level support

    thanks again chris!
  14. jlivsey

    shipping module help

    thanks Chris
  15. Hi does anyone know where the -OR- is that sits just about the paypal checkout button? For the time being i need to just use paypal (not oscommerce checkout) so ive commented out the oscommerce checkout button. I also want to get rid of the "-OR-" but i cant find it thanks