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  1. i have now managed to get some success with paypal express

    it appears at some point in time our login.php page was either not upgraded or some code removed.

    after a bit of work i have got it working at least in sandbox mode. 

    would still at some point like to get google pay working, but looks like will have to be built from scratch

  2. Hello all

    we have unsuccessfully been able to add any true express checkout functionality to our oscommerce store.

    what we would like is ability to checkout without creating an account, so when customer has filled their basket, they just click paypal or Gpay button

    The preference is by adding google pay, but have also looked at paypal, and made some progress, but we have not been able to get it working fully.

    this is almost certainly down to our limitations in coding, but i am just wondering if anyone else out there has been able to to get anything like this working within oscommerce?

    i have searched online, but yet to find any current documentation specific to oscommerce, the only content i can find is extremely old

    we have looked into moving our store to another commerce solution, but this is no small task, our site is now so bespoke it is going to be hard to replicate its functionality elsewhere.

    so just curious if anyone has managed to get anything like this working with oscommerce?


  3. Hi all,


    For me, the instrucitons for After_2.3 point to locations which I don't have with a shop at 2.3.3, upgrade from 2.3.1. Looking at a vanilla 2.3 I beleive them missing as well.


    For example step 8 points to includes/column_right.php, however there is no column_right or column_left at this location, there is however an admin/includes/column_left.php....


    Step 11 points ot a non existant includes/osc_template.php ....


    Step 13 points to includes/boxes/shopping_cart.php however there is no boxes directory at this layer.


    If anyone can provide insight I would appreciate it. Perhaps I am simply not following somehting ???




    encountered the same


    step8: these 2 files do not exist

    step11: i found osc_template.php in includes/classes/

    step13: i am unable to find the line "new infoBox($info_box_contents);" in any file in oscomerce except one of the daily specials files i had just copied over

    i also have issue with 2nd part of ..

    step17: where it says " FIND (around line 44),


    <td class="pageHeading"><?php echo HEADING_TITLE; ?></td>

    <td class="pageHeading" align="right"><?php echo tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'table_background_specials.gif', HEADING_TITLE, HEADING_IMAGE_WIDTH, HEADING_IMAGE_HEIGHT); ?></td>


    i cant find this code within this file

  4. Hello all


    I am having an intermitant issue with orders going astray with customer using our osc sites.


    We use a securehosting payment page, customers are sent to this to take credit card details, then they should be sent back to the checkout_success.php

    99% of orders placed it works correctly and this occurs, but on the remaining 1% of orders placed the customers payment is taken by securehosting, but they are not returned to the checkout_success.php and as a result no order is generated in oscommerce.

    no emails etc are sent either obviously, so we have no idea we have received an order until chased by customer.

    the items customer has ordered remain in their basket.

    from the customers we have been able to get feedback from, it usually looks as website has timed out.. it could be the case?


    basically just wondered if anyone else has experienced this with securehosting or any other payment gateway, and if they have how do they deal with it?


    many thanks



  5. sorry if this has been covered but with 101 pages of discussion i got bored of looking


    has anyone encountered problems with the attributes no longer appearing at the checkout_confirmation.php stage?

    i havent got a huge amount of mods on my site, and QTPro is the only one i can see mentioned on any of the files used by the checkout process

    shows item model and item name, price info etc

    but attributes field is blank, i am in process of revertting files back to standard to see if i can identify on which one the problem is

  6. ok after a few more hours i have managed to slap something together

    have added the following code to the securehosting.php file


    it does some math on the tax field and adds it to the final total value


    around line 138


    //new bit to check if tax value exists, if so it adds to the total, otherwise does
    $tax = $order->products[$i]['tax'];
    $unit_price = $order->products[$i]['final_price'];
    $item_tax =  $unit_price * $tax /100 ;
    $item_price = $unit_price + $item_tax ;
    $item_price = round($item_price,2);
    // replaced this line with above --- $prod_total=$order->products[$i]['final_price']*$order->products[$i]['qty'];
    // and replaced this low with above ----- $this_item.=$this_name.'|'.$order->products[$i]['final_price'].'|'.$order->products[$i]['qty'].'|'.$prod_total.']';


    now just to work our why attributes are not coming across

  7. hello all


    having some problems with my securehosting payment page.

    its essentially working, but i need to make a couple of changes to stop it looking so confusing to customers.


    - the item totals thoughout my site are configured so they display including the VAT, this is working correctly, but the securehosting payment page shows them excluding VAT. i cannot just add 20% to all values before they are passed over as we also sell childrens items that are not VATable.

    i need to either get it pull through the price inc VAT, or add an if clause to the correct place, but struggling to see where its even passing over the unit price?


    - also the attributes values are not being brought over to the securehositng payment page either, item codes and descriptions are there, but just a blank space where the colour/size should be. the code there looks to be correct (apart from fact its getting data from a table that doesnt contain the actual order yet?)


    have spent several hours now trying to get my head round this, but not getting very far as

    1. cant see how the variables on the securehosting payment page os_template.html are being populated

    2. Confused as it appears securehosting.php is getting data from unpopulated order tables?

    3. no where in code on securehosting.php is there a unit price code at all, only total item price (price*qty)


    anyway i am hoping there are a few others out there who use securehosting might be able to point me in right direction



  8. i am trying to add an update file to an existing contribution

    yet no matter what i try it wont allow me to log in?

    keeps telling me username or password are incorrect

    i have done a password reset, and as you can see i am able to log into forums ok

    yes and cookies are enabled

    short of creating another account not sure what else to try

    any ideas?

  9. got this to work eventually, the current instructions are a bit out of date due to the version change


    for the most the original instructions work


    apart from..


    step 4

    i had to place the code elsewhere

    look for the 2nd appearance of this line


    and place the code directly beneath


    on step 5

    you are looking for the line:

        } else {
        $products_price = $currencies->display_price($products_new['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($products_new['products_tax_class_id']));

    and adding the line directly underneath that


    on step 8, the last part, you looking for a line containining:

     <h1><?php echo  $products_name; ?></h1>


    and change to

     <h1><?php echo $img_new_product . $products_name; ?></h1>

    ill add note to the contribution if it will let me

  10. it was fairly straight forward to get a mouseover to show "click to enlarge"


    just alter the following code in product_info.php


    $pi_entry .= '" target="_blank" rel="fancybox" >' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $pi['image']) . '</a>';


    and change it to


    $pi_entry .= '" target="_blank" rel="fancybox" title="Click to Enlarge">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $pi['image']) . '</a>';


    the problem i am having at moment is that once image is loaded it shows a caption undernneath it that says "click to enlarge"

    currently working on removing this, or at least tricking it to be blank

  11. ive got this working perfectly in firefox and chrome, using :

    ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN . "orders.php") &&


    but in IE8, its not applying any kind of security, allows the login access to all?


    if i use the original

    ($PHP_SELF != DIR_WS_ADMIN . "orders.php") &&


    it doesnt allow the login to access anything at all?


    full code below:

    if ( ($PHP_AUTH_USER=='admin1') || ($PHP_AUTH_USER=='admin2') ||
       ($_SERVER[REMOTE_USER]==admin1) || ($_SERVER[REMOTE_USER]==admin2) )
      } else {
      if ( ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN  . "orders.php") &&
    	   ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN  . "invoice.php") &&
     ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN  . "index.php") &&
      ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN  . "login.php") &&
    	   ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN  . "packing_slip.php") &&
    	   ($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] != DIR_WS_ADMIN  . "customers.php") )
    	{ die("<br><br><center>You are not authorized to view this page.\n\n</center>"); }

    shame as it looks to be quite useful and should be fairly simple

    going to try in IE9 next see how it behaves

  12. works a treat, many thanks

    only issue i found is with the pixel width

    the accompanying users manual states 237pixels in width will fit with std oscommerce boxes

    as far as i am aware my site is standard, but had to reduce to 130ish to make fit, more likely the problem is with me, but i thought i would mention incase