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  1. Forgot a pice of important information. The STS version is 2.01.
  2. I have now struggled with this contrib for quite a while but still it does not work. I have OSC 2.2-MS2 with STS installed and have checked the files up and down a couple of times without finding any errors. This is the way I have done: I have added a button in sts_template.html (located bottom left.) that points to visitoremail.php (located directly under catalog), but instead of getting an info box where the customer would be able to fill in their email address I instead will be tranferred directly to " Tack för att du prenumererar på vårt nyhetsbrev, Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter") and the whole info box is skipped as you can see in this picture. I want the info box to show up in the main window or in the left column on a vacant place. The information in the install.txt states in paragraph 10: Now pick a spot Where you want the info box to be, column_left, right, footer, etc. and When You do .. add this: if (tep_session_is_registered ('customer_id')) { } Else { include (DIR_WS_BOXES. "visitoremail.php '); } INSTEAD OF: include (DIR_WS_BOXES. "visitoremail.php '); Following this text and adding it in column_left.php the following occurs: An infobox shows up correctly but totally wrong in relation to the template that I use. See picture below. Of course I want the infobox to show up, but in the left column in my STS-template. I should add that I have translated the contrib. to Swedish but followed the english original to the letter. I'd be very grateful if you took some time to give this urgent matter some thoughts to where the errors are, and came with a little hint, it feels as if it is close to success...
  3. Thanks Johan for you answer. I have my frontpage made with STS-template. According to your answer I should put the code in column_left.php. Does that mean that don't have to change my STS-template just Column_left or maybe column_right or where I prefer to put the box?
  4. Hello (First of all, sorry if I post in the wrong forum. If so, please move it to the right one) Trying to install Simple Visitor Newsletter in my OSC 2,2, but I'm stuck with step 10. It says: Step 10. Now pick a spot where you want the info box to be, column_left, right, footer, etc. and when you do.. add this: if (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) { } else { include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'visitoremail.php'); } instead of: include(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'visitoremail.php'); Hm, where should I pick a spot, and where in what file do I make the changes? In step 11 it says: Step 11. Run this statment in phpMyAdmin (or your fav database program) CREATE TABLE `visitors_email` ( `email` VARCHAR( 255 ) CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci NOT NULL , PRIMARY KEY ( `email` ) ) ENGINE = MYISAM ; CREATE TABLE `customers_temp` ( `customers_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, `customers_firstname` varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', `customers_lastname` varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', `customers_email_address` varchar(96) NOT NULL default '', PRIMARY KEY (`customers_id`) ) TYPE=MyISAM ; INSERT INTO `configuration` ( `configuration_id` , `configuration_title` , `configuration_key` , `configuration_value` , `configuration_description` , `configuration_group_id` , `sort_order` , `last_modified` , `date_added` , `use_function` , `set_function` ) VALUES ( '', 'Bulk Mailer Limit', 'BULKMAILER_LIMIT', '5', 'Defines how many e-mails will be sent at a time', '3', '20', NULL , NOW( ) , NULL , NULL ); INSERT INTO `configuration` ( `configuration_id` , `configuration_title` , `configuration_key` , `configuration_value` , `configuration_description` , `configuration_group_id` , `sort_order` , `last_modified` , `date_added` , `use_function` , `set_function` ) VALUES ( '', 'Bulk Mailer Interval [seconds]', 'BULKMAILER_INTERVAL', '12', 'Defines time between each bulk e-mails send', '3', '20', NULL , NOW( ) , NULL , NULL ); I would be very much greatful if somone could explain a bit more thoroughly how I exactly run this i phpMyAdmin. Never done this before, you see. Very much appreciate your effort to help!