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  1. Managed to solve this. The auto generated images didn't appear on the frontend of the store because I had another add-on which interfered with the OPI auto generator. Thanks again for OPI.
  2. I may have missed something, but the front of store thumbnails are using the big original sized images uploaded and this is making the front page of the store take a long time to load. Is there a way of making the thumbnails of the front end of the store use the images/_thumbnail_/adminthumb images? Many thanks.
  3. I fixed a view bugs and made this add-on work with osCommerce 2.3.1. It can be found here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8187
  4. Hi, Thanks for this contribution, but I can't seem to get it to work. The file isn't uploading to the server when I press "Save" in the edit product page. In your instructions you didn't mention anything about creating a folder for the files to be uploaded to, do I need to create a folder named "Manuals" in the Catalog folder? and edit configure.php's to include "define('DIR_WS_MANUALS', 'manuals/'); define('DIR_WS_CATALOG_MANUALS', DIR_WS_CATALOG . 'manuals/');" and "define('DIR_FS_CATALOG_MANUALS', DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'manuals/');" Do I need to anything else not included in the instructions regarding uploading pdf's? Many thanks, Dave
  5. drhigham

    Links Manager II

    I'm using osCommerce 2.3.1 and Links Manager II V 1.29.
  6. Great. Makes sense. Thank you for your work and quick reply.
  7. drhigham

    CKEditor osC 2.3.1

    Anybody know how to disable the CKEditor on some text entry boxes but display it on all the others?
  8. drhigham

    Links Manager II

    Hi, I've installed this contribution but I seem to get an error on the client side saying: "Warning: Division by zero in /home/......./public_html/catalog/links.php on line 195 Warning: Division by zero in /home/......../public_html/catalog/links.php on line 241" Any ideas?
  9. Hi, Everything seems to be working correctly. But I do not see the "Thumbnail: Configuration" settings in the database or admin>Configuration? How can I add this manually or set the auto install to add it again? The "OPI Configuration" settings have been added successfully into Configuration. Great Contribution! :)