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  1. Lippi

    Header Tags SEO

    Ok. I managed it myself. There was a problem with relation between configuration and configuration_group tables. In configuration_group table there was old ID. All new values in configuration table had new one :)
  2. Lippi

    Header Tags SEO

    At the beginning I want to say "hello" to everybody, because that's my first post on oscommerce forum. I can say that I need Your help. I had SEO Ultimate 2.1 installed on my website and I decided to upgrade it to 2.2d. From website point of view, everything works great, but I have a problem with Admin panel. If I go to Configuration -> SEO Friendly Links I can see just header with the name SEO Friendly Links. Below the main header I can see the header of the table in which should be placed some options to configure SEO. The table is empty, I can't see any option. I want to add that rest of the admin page after choosing SEO Friendly Links looks good. Even I can see footer, so page is loaded fully. Any ideas? Regards, Lukas