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  1. Works in my test environment (wamp) but not fully in Apache on my server. The reason is because the script creates the folders with owner 'apache' and mod 500 and as a result the images cannot be uploaded into. Is there any way to create folders with user credentials that work? What needs to be changed?
  2. Never mind, found it here http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8150/v,23 Will try to see if it works ok
  3. I have also been looking for a solution. What changes need to be made for this to work with 2.3.1?
  4. any luck getting this to work with 2.3.1? Is there any alternative to this mod?
  5. I am looking for a contribution that will cache the categories into an array and pop the subcategories right under the clicked category. I am not interested in re-loading the whole page and be presented with the subcategories page, I just want a javascript-like menu that will pop-down without page reloading. Dynamenu did something like that for 2.2 but is there anything of this kind for 2.3.1?
  6. vprasinos

    Dynamenu in box for 2.3.1

    I should probably open this as a separate topic to ask. Thanks anyway...
  7. vprasinos

    Dynamenu in box for 2.3.1

    If so can you let me know of some contribution that caches the categories menu into an array and expands the subcategories, without loading the subcategories page? (the whole page will not reload, the subcategories will simply unfold below the categories). I have found several scripts that will do so for 2.2 but none for 2.3.1. I could be wrong however...
  8. vprasinos

    Dynamenu in box for 2.3.1

    Is there any chance Dynamenu for 2.3.1 that will be published as a contribution sometime soon? Thanks !