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  1. Hi, Just configured 2CO and it is not showing product ID, Price (USD), Subtotal (USD) as you can check on the following sshot: http://awesomescreenshot.com/020jixpa3 Product Name and Description is fine. Any solution to fix this? Many thanks.
  2. Thank you for yur reply DunWeb. Just to confirm... Paypal will always ignore the Shipping address submitted by the user on osCommerce, is this right? If so... is there a way to hide/ignore the shipping address on Paypal payment page? I don't see a point having it there when the store takes care of everything. The main reason for all this is that clients may get confuse and run away from the purchase when they have selected a UK shipping address but Paypal shows their primary shipping address in US for example. For gifts purposes this is impossible to use because it will mislead all clients. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Hi, It might be either a misconfiguration on osCommerce's Paypal payment module - OR - Paypal doesn't allow this... We want our clients to be redirected to Paypal with the Shipping address they selected previously in the store. However, when the clients are presented with the Paypal payment page, the Shipping address that is listed is the default on Paypal. Paypal is using the shipping address they have on file but the shipping address the client chose on the store is being ignored. First I would like to confirm if Paypal allows it, Secondly, how to fix this issue? Many thanks.