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  1. nathank000

    ebay upload script

    I am currently working on a PHP script to import the ebay items from a MySQL db into a CSV format that will allow for easy import and upload to ebay. I could probably easily modify the script to work with OScommerce, as I have worked with it many times before. Trouble is- right now I am stumped on where the gallery image is located in the CSV format, and therefore I am stumped on how to generate that from a dB. If anyone knows the ebay CSV listing well enough to explain how that works I will be happy to post my script as soon as it is completed. -nathan
  2. nathank000

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    is there any way to force the main sts template to parse php on the page. I have a javascript that is partially generated by php and making anew box would exxentially require me to rewrite the javascript. I need to place the JS on the template and have the php parsed tomake it work. is there any way to forse STS to parse php that is directly located on the template file?