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  1. So Nobody is understanding. I have had this problem since last week when I installed the module. It has nothing to do with the ups problem the other day. I am about ready to give up on this module but really want to have the ups option but don't know how to fix it to work. Once again here is a screen shot of what it does. It looks like there may just be some html messed up but I don't know where to look.


  2. I have tried all of the error logs and I get no errors or emails. It looks to me like there is just something wrong with the code with the colon and then the message but I can't seem to find that code to see if I can see anything wrong with it. I am not a programer so I am really at a loss here and don't know what else to do other then to only us USPS for shipping as that module seems to work fine for me. Here is what it does