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  1. FLSanchez

    Header Tags SEO

    hmmmm i kinda new at this. should i check/edit/delete the social bookmark php that was with the file? I also disabled the display social book mark option. Dont understand why it still messes up even when its disabled
  2. FLSanchez

    Header Tags SEO

    First I would like to thank the members of this forum. When troubleshooting my OSc store i have looked here and found many answers. I am having some trouble with this addon. When I click a category in my site www.midnightplatoon.com, the left column which contains the categories drops to the bottom of the page. if i click on a shirt on the home page, the column stay in its original location. Only happened after installing this addon. Any help guys. Thank you very much.
  3. Hi Andrew. would you be able to supply me with a detailed installation for your Social media login & sharing rewards platform plugin? thank you