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  1. all clear! redid everything - solved... sorry for multiple posts
  2. Missing check box for choosing stock tracking! I can't enable the stock tracking. I am totally stuck, any helping ideas? Thnx
  3. Thanx! works fine! Strange enough I can't seem to find the checkbock for Stock Tracking though!? Any ideas on that?
  4. I narrowed it down to the product_attributes.php Where there is a warning in the instruction reg. the echo's The Problem seems to be echo ' $inputs = ''; for ($i = 0, $n = sizeof($languages); $i < $n; $i ++) { $inputs .= $languages[$i]['code'] . ': <input type="text" name="option_name[' . $languages[$i]['id'] . ']" size="20"> <br>'; } ?> <td align="center" class="smallText"> <?php echo $next_id; ?> </td> <td class="smallText"><?php echo $inputs; ?></td> <?php //++++ QT Pro: Begin Changed code ?> <td align="center" ><input type=checkbox name=track_stock></td> <td align="left" class="smallText"> <?php echo tep_image_submit('button_insert.gif', IMAGE_INSERT); ?> </td> <?php //++++ QT Pro: End Changed Code echo ' Any ideas on what's wrong here?
  5. Hello there, My big and maybe simple problem: I can't find the Track Stock check box!? There is no such option... QtPro Options appear everywhere in my Admin, just not in Attributes, where most needed. Please help! What am I overlooking? Thank you*
  6. taitaiji

    Can I remove the "-OR- PayPal Express" ?

    Solved: whoever wants to do as I did, getting rid of the guest checking out option with paypal express without loosing the payment option in later checkout do the following: delete from >catalog >shopping_cart.php <?php $initialize_checkout_methods = $payment_modules->checkout_initialization_method(); if (!empty($initialize_checkout_methods)) { ?> <p align="right" style="clear: both; padding: 15px 50px 0 0;"><?php echo TEXT_ALTERNATIVE_CHECKOUT_METHODS; ?></p> <?php reset($initialize_checkout_methods); while (list(, $value) = each($initialize_checkout_methods)) { ?> <p align="right"><?php echo $value; ?></p> <?php } } ?>
  7. taitaiji

    Can I remove the "-OR- PayPal Express" ?

    oops... that would disable it alltogether! I am looking for a way to allow the express checkout only after login or creating an account. But thanks for the fast reply!
  8. Hello there, one question: >>>In which file can I remove the "-OR- PayPal Express" button and thereby disable guest checkout? Thank you for your help! *Tai
  9. taitaiji

    Help Please! Paypal Express - Disable Guest Checkout?

    Please Chris, or any other helping soul out there.... be kind spill the beans: >>>In which file can I remove the "-OR- PayPal Express" button to disable guest checkout? Thank you soooo much!
  10. taitaiji

    Help Please! Paypal Express - Disable Guest Checkout?

    Thank you Chris, but - sorry for seeming so thick - where do I remove it? *Tai
  11. Hey there, I am getting a little frustrated with the Paypal Express Option in my OsC 2.3.1 If I click the option -OR- check out with Paypal (instead of the check out button) without being registered, it returns the item and shipping price without tax! This does not happen when logged in however. - Is there a way to disable the guest check out option alltogether? I would prefer the customers to log in anyways and this tax thing is driving me nuts.... Any help is much appreciated! Cheerio Tai