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  1. thom000

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    I have a problem with this contri for osc 2.3 everything works great only, within admin and within the customers order area, the spinning ajax_wait.gif does it's thing for a second or two, then all that is left in the results box is " [x] Close " Please can someone help me??
  2. Hello, I have a problem i have installed everything well and everything works great but in my site are the buttons write reviews gone. I installed mailbeez reviews Can you please help me.
  3. Great contri I have only 2 problems if i click on the mobile site on product info it doesnt do anything. And if i click on the link classic in the mobile it is turning to the mobile site not to the normal site. Please can you help me. my site is http://www.taartwinkeltje.nl
  4. thom000

    Mail Manager

    Thank you 100 times it works great!!
  5. thom000

    Mail Manager

    I m sorry but i dont know what you mean.You have no code for track trace dutch. Really thanks for your time.
  6. thom000

    Mail Manager

    I m sorry i have now 2 the same links in the update mail to account history not to track trace.
  7. thom000

    Mail Manager

    Thank you for your help. I have made the changes but now i have in the mail no url.
  8. thom000

    Mail Manager

    Thanks for the great contri Everthing works great only, i have track trace dutch but now i installed mail manager and now is track trace not in the email that sent to the costumer. Please can somebody help me?