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  1. Hi, Sure hope someone can help me. I have searched the forums and have not found a post mentioning a similar problem. I have OsCommerce 2.3.1 store up and working. I installed the add-on USPS Methods 6.0 exactly as directed in the intallation.txt and my admin page and login page disappeared. There appeared to be an internet connection, but the page was blank. So I removed all the files I'd added/changed for USPS Methods 6. I reinstalled my old files. Then worked my way back through the USPS Methods 6.0 files one-by-one. The problem is with the catalog/admin/functions/general.php file. I have now installed all USPS Methods 6.0 files except for that the catalog/admin/functions/general.php file. The USPS module is installed, but when I edit the shipping choices then click on save to save those changes, the screen goes blank and the changes are not saved. I assume the catalog/admin/functions/general.php file is the culprit. But I can't install it as is or I lose access to my admin pages and I do not know where the problem is, nor how to fix it. (It must be said that I understand very little php, but can follow directions very well). Can anyone help? Thank you very much for your time.
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    Linkpoint API Problems

    Ok, color me an idiot and forget my last two posts. I got more sleep and read more carefully today. Starting over.
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    Linkpoint API Problems

    Sorry, forgot to say I am using OsCommerce 2.3.1
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    Linkpoint API Problems

    I am really struggling here, I hope someone can help. I have loaded the add on: linkpointconnect2 into my catalog. I put the files where I was supposed to, went to my admin site and configured the module. When I attempt to place an order in either Test or Live mode, I get the following message: "Not possible to order from the store at this time. Contact Merchant (error 1002)" I've read through this topic but can't find any help. Linkpoint says the problem is not on their end. Does anyone here have any idea as to what is wrong?