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  1. Interesting. Haven't received the spam. Our Contact us has a captcha but newsletter doesn't. Will need to implement. Thank you for the reply.
  2. Getting newsletter sign ups with concentrations of names and email addresses like viagra, cialis, etc... Understand some folks stick fake email addresses in but seems a bit more concerted given they're signing up for newsletter, they have a common "theme", and we're an industrial parts website. SO.... 1. Thoughts on what they're trying to accomplish? 2. Is this an indication of something we haven't locked down? Thanks
  3. Issue - starting last January (2016) we stopped receiving order completion emails and stopped having orders show up in our database and admin/order screens. We still receive emails from and have used those to process orders. Understand at this time host did a PHP upgrade which broke several other things but other than free shipping have fixed everything else. Have upgraded from SIM 1.0 to 2.0 - Same issue. Process with cash at delivery - everything works perfect. Deposits being made from Stumped and really need to get this fixed. Appreciate some help.
  4. Running 2.3.1, Customers setting up profiles and ordering but orders not showing up on administration or order screens and only receiving emails not cart emails. Everything else is working fine. Thoughts?
  5. Thank You Very Much!
  6. So one of our major suppliers is implementing a minimum pricing model so we have to implement a solution that doesn't show pricing until you reach the cart. Anyone aware of an add on that does this?
  7. Understand that this seems to be the issue that won't die but looking for some help to come from a slightly different direction. We have shipments that are over 150lb. All I want to do is edit the error to have the customer call us. I've looked through several of the php files focusing on those in the english folder and searching through the forum without luck. Any suggestions on where to find the error text?
  8. Can someone please tell me why I'm getting this? Fatal error: Call to undefined function _recaptcha_qsencode() in /home/content/16/8316116/html/includes/functions/recaptchalib.php on line 69 Thanks
  9. Wow, that's a doozy to install. Here goes nothing.
  10. Looking for an add on or just code for php file if someone already has it that would have a closeable pop up box created when coming to the site. We're just about live (waiting on credit card processing) and would like let customers know and invite to browse around. Thoughts? Thanks
  11. Many of our products are dropped shipped from the manufacturer. I've tried searching to no avail but is there an add-on out there that allows to change shipping zip by category or vendor? Thanks
  12. Looks like I'm 2 for 2 on the knucklehead list. Clicked on CMS and what do you know...
  13. OK, think I got it. Turns out I'm not a noob I'm a tard. A newbie would have taken the time to go slowly through the process and make sure he download the full package not just the update. The tard on the other hand.... Still looking for any help in finding thee &^*%$*^(&^ text in the files.
  14. Thanks. Installing now.