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  1. ruden

    Custom templates

  2. ruden

    Address verification for PayPal customers

    Order Confirmation Page No, no
  3. Download and replace the file includes/cacert.pem https://curl.se/docs/caextract.html Rename or delete file /ext/modules/payment/paypal/paypal.com.crt This also works for payment modules authorizenet, sage_pay, stripe
  4. ruden

    Upgrading from osCommerce 2.2-MS2

    @josh1r better wait for version 4
  5. revert code https://github.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/commit/12056c114e2e1b904a039db0400215961c3a96b2 I'll figure out what the mistake is
  6. ruden

    PHP 8.0 Upgrade to boxes.php class

    add empty constructor for classes function __construct() { // empty }
  7. ruden

    PHP 8.0 Upgrade to boxes.php class

    @Smoky Barnable take a look at this commit https://github.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/commit/d4cdd7ca167492f5b1bbcaa08c3de858dc89fd20
  8. @ebarrett replace code in file includes/modules/content/login/cm_paypal_login.php https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/7eed5ef7fb7f4ab07a0bbcfa97008e136211d0c8/catalog/includes/modules/content/login/cm_paypal_login.php
  9. Download archive https://github.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/archive/refs/heads/dev.zip Copy and replace file in folder includes/apps/ includes/modules/payment ext/modules/payment/ and file admin/braintree.php
  10. https://developer.paypal.com/braintree/articles/control-panel/important-gateway-credentials#merchant-id
  11. Please test your actions on the demo site https://demo.osclab.com/vanilla-oscommerce/
  12. replace the code in the file /ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/dev/catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal/express.php you can check on the demo site https://demo.osclab.com/vanilla-oscommerce/
  13. @ebarrett Here are fixes for all known bugs https://github.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/tree/dev/catalog/includes/apps/paypal Copy the contents of the includes/apps/paypal folder to your project
  14. OScommerce v2.3.3.4 does not support smtp, use sendmail
  15. ruden

    php version compatibility

    These are not forks, they are not in the forks list. https://github.com/osCommerce/oscommerce2/network/members