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  1. ruden

    Potencial XSS vulnerability

    Requests are used preparation, in order to perform injection you need to have access to the code. It does not affect anything. Delete code die('<font color="#000000"><strong>' . $errno . ' - ' . $error . '<br /><br />' . $query . '<br /><br /><small><font color="#ff0000">[TEP STOP]</font></small><br /><br /></strong></font>');
  2. ruden

    Potencial XSS vulnerability

  3. ruden

    osCommerce v4 demo

  4. ruden

    Change Products Model Based On Option ?

    werewolf.com.ua/ru/livas although there is a model tied to id
  5. ruden

    Change Products Model Based On Option ?

    Only field price and weight.
  6. ruden

    Address verification for PayPal customers

    Order Confirmation Page No, no
  7. Download and replace the file includes/cacert.pem https://curl.se/docs/caextract.html Rename or delete file /ext/modules/payment/paypal/paypal.com.crt This also works for payment modules authorizenet, sage_pay, stripe
  8. ruden

    Upgrading from osCommerce 2.2-MS2

    @josh1r better wait for version 4
  9. revert code https://github.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/commit/12056c114e2e1b904a039db0400215961c3a96b2 I'll figure out what the mistake is
  10. ruden

    PHP 8.0 Upgrade to boxes.php class

    add empty constructor for classes function __construct() { // empty }
  11. ruden

    PHP 8.0 Upgrade to boxes.php class

    @Smoky Barnable take a look at this commit https://github.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/commit/d4cdd7ca167492f5b1bbcaa08c3de858dc89fd20
  12. @ebarrett replace code in file includes/modules/content/login/cm_paypal_login.php https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/7eed5ef7fb7f4ab07a0bbcfa97008e136211d0c8/catalog/includes/modules/content/login/cm_paypal_login.php
  13. Download archive https://github.com/ruden/vanilla-oscommerce/archive/refs/heads/dev.zip Copy and replace file in folder includes/apps/ includes/modules/payment ext/modules/payment/ and file admin/braintree.php
  14. https://developer.paypal.com/braintree/articles/control-panel/important-gateway-credentials#merchant-id