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  1. ruden

    Google reCAPTCHA v3

    Include class hooks two times remove duplicate in /includes/application_top.php and /admin/includes/application_top.php require(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/classes/hooks.php');
  2. ruden

    Google reCAPTCHA v3

    I find it difficult to answer. View error logs.
  3. ruden

    Google reCAPTCHA v3

    @Tiff13 Installed Hook System? https://apps.oscommerce.com/p9Yyp&hook-system
  4. ruden

    Google reCAPTCHA v3

    Check for errors Open the console in a browser F12 and check for errors in the php logs on the server.
  5. ruden

    Google reCAPTCHA v3

    Add-on updated Add support Hook System ⚠️ This add-on use Hook System, for versions below < 2.3.5 install Hook System https://apps.oscommerce.com/p9Yyp&hook-system Create directory includes/hooks/shop/pwa_account Copy file includes/hooks/shop/create_account/Recaptcha3.php in includes/hooks/shop/pwa_account In file includes/hooks/shop/pwa_account/Recaptcha3.php replace $this->form_name = basename(dirname(__FILE__)); $this->form_name = 'create_account';
  6. ruden

    if this bundle then that help

    $bundleContents = ''; $bundle_query = tep_db_query("SELECT pb.subproduct_id, pb.subproduct_qty, p.products_id, pd.products_name, pd.language_id FROM products p LEFT JOIN products_bundles pb ON (pb.bundle_id=p.products_id) LEFT JOIN products_description pd ON (pd.products_id=pb.subproduct_id) WHERE p.products_model = '" . $order->products[$i]['model'] . "' AND pd.language_id = '1'"); while ($bundle_info = tep_db_fetch_array($bundle_query)) { $bundleContents .= '<br /><em style="font-size:12px;">&nbsp;&nbsp;' . $bundle_info['subproduct_qty'] . ' x ' . $bundle_info['products_name'] . '</em>'; }
  7. still need to add check extension mysqlnd function tep_db_fetch_all($db_query) { // check if "mysqlnd" driver is used if (extension_loaded('mysqlnd') && function_exists('mysqli_fetch_all')) { return mysqli_fetch_all($db_query, MYSQLI_ASSOC); } else { $data = []; while ($row = tep_db_fetch_array($db_query)) { $data[] = $row; } return $data; } }
  8. ruden

    XML Sitemap Generator

    add fix addon updated
  9. ruden

    Upgrade from 2.3.5 to Phoenix??

    No and never will be "new system" this v2.4 and v.3 they are "buried" Phoenix is a bootstrap design wrapper, for my yes, compatible core level
  10. ruden

    XML Sitemap Generator

    If run sitemap.php, then a new xml files will be generated
  11. ruden

    XML Sitemap Generator

    Why should categories be opened first, xml producer, and then sitemap-index.xml Cannot open categories or manufacturer xml without running sitemap.php Google will always run the file sitemap.php and read sitemap-index.xml If you specify sitemap-index.xml in the Google search console, it will not work.
  12. ruden

    XML Sitemap Generator

    Yes, I will do so, for compatibility v2.3.x addon is added https://apps.oscommerce.com/p9Yyp&hook-system Initially, it worked, but if a lot of products all terribly slowed down. A link will be added to generate the map in dashboard (module security check)