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  1. Can get it simpler. Use for products_quantity -1 0 1 then if ($stock_left== 0) and in checkout_process.php check if ($stock_left>= 0 ) {
  2. Remove last name in reviews for 2.3.4

    In string https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/blob/670851f05bdd6f1f1d96abb4781d245fb202b1f9/product_reviews_write.php#L54 remove . ' ' . tep_db_input($customer['customers_lastname'])
  3. CURLE_SSL_CONNECT_ERROR (35) A problem occurred somewhere in the SSL/TLS handshake. You really want the error buffer and read the message there as it pinpoints the problem slightly more. Could be certificates (file formats, paths, permissions), passwords, and others. try it, but I'm not sure $this->use_exec = '1';
  4. Function "exec" is enabled ? Add file index.php code if(function_exists('exec')) { echo "exec is enabled"; }
  5. Try it Probably typo.
  6. onlinetools.ups.com https://onlinetools.ups.com/ups.app/xml/Rate
  7. Please Review my Website

    Part of the answers here https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ https://validator.w3.org/
  8. Ok Configuration -> Shipping/Packaging Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT Package Tare weight SHIPPING_BOX_WEIGHT Larger packages - percentage increase SHIPPING_BOX_PADDING These parameters are used in calculation In includes/classes/shipping.php 54-62
  9. What is the data Configuration -> Shipping/Packaging
  10. 0.1:2,0.25:2.3,0.345:3.4,2:4.5,5:7.50 product weight only in kilograms
  11. /ext directory & HTTP Authentication

    Click a new window opens a page https://library.oscommerce.com/Wiki&oscom_2_3&security_checks&ext_directory_listing
  12. Buy now buttons

    Replace $listing['products_id'] to $specials['products_id']
  13. appearance of cart in

    Use the DevTools in browser. Error! Attribute color:#663333 not allowed on element a at this point. The font element is obsolete. Use CSS instead. In stylesheet.css a {color:#663333; text-decoration: none; }