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  1. BobbyPerù

    pinterest add-ons

    No ideas?
  2. BobbyPerù

    pinterest add-ons

    I try to search on the web and in this forum, but I don't find anyones that put an add-ons to add pinterest.com button in the product info page that works in dinamic way, so can add the image, the link and the description of single product. I just find this for zen card, but I can't adapt it for oscommerce. https://www.numinix.com/zen-cart-modules/social-networking/pinterest-com-pin-it-button can someone help me? (this new social media will be very important in 2012!) thanks a lot Paolo
  3. BobbyPerù

    2 Steps Simple Checkout

    I have installed this good contribution, but I have the same problem: the shipping methods are not display whit a non-logged customer...someone have fixed this error? I can't use this until there is this error. I'm sorry that a good contribution can't be used for this reason...I try to fixed, but i'm not a php master! thanks in advance