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  1. starview

    Having problems Printable Catalog V 3.6

    I guess I have this in the wrong forum
  2. I am having several problems with Printable Catalog V 3.6 I have the following set in admin area. Printable Catalog-Image column in standard url page = show Printable Catalog-Image column in full catalog url page = show Printable Catalog-Number of Page Breaks Displayed value = 10 Printable Catalog-Results per page value = 10 Printable Catalog-Show results per Page Links value = show 1. None of these areas seem to do anything. ^ Name ^ Description ^ Category 2. When I have "Printable Catalog-Image column in standard url page" set to "hide" and "Printable Catalog-Image column in full catalog url page" set to "show" no product images show. 3.Printable Catalog page shows this down at the bottom of the page. PREV [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] NEXT this will show the first 10 products in the first category and will not show any more even if you click "NEXT" Just keeps coming back to the same products. I looked at the fixes noted in this forum for Printable Catalog V 3.5, put they are all ready in Printable Catalog V 3.6
  3. starview

    USP Choice

    I re installed and it is fine now.
  4. starview

    USP Choice

    I have USP Choice installed but I was wondering there are some blank boxes or entry spaces in the admin are: as shown below with the ? What are those used for or is something missing in my installed are. All I did was transfered the files from the USP Chooice contrib file to the areas it said in the text file. Enable UPS Shipping Do you want to offer UPS shipping? 1 UPS Pickup Method How do you give packages to UPS? CC - Customer Counter, RDP - Daily Pickup, OTP - One Time Pickup, LC - Letter Center, OCA - On Call Air CC UPS Packaging? CP - Your Packaging, ULE - UPS Letter, UT - UPS Tube, UBE - UPS Express Box CP Residential Delivery? Quote for Residential (RES) or Commercial Delivery (COM) RES ? ? ? ? ?
  5. Is there a setup for different shipping for different categories?
  6. starview


    Is there a add-on for this jqZoom
  7. Is there a way to have two images for a product, like have a jacket and have a front view and a back view?
  8. starview

    roll over to zoom in

    I know there is a contribute that is some thing like this, but it just in larges the image when you roll your mouse over. What I was wondering if it would be possible to move your mouse over and image and where every you roll over it would in large that portion of the image and show that inlarge portion in a popup window. I have seen this in another website, but I don't thing they use Oscommerce software. Here is the website, just in case someone might want to build this as and addon in Oscommerce. http://www.wholesalegeneralproducts.net. You have to click on a product and then click on the image in the product, which will take you to the details of the product in which you which you can just move your mouse over the image.
  9. starview

    Service Charge Add on

    Never mind on this one, I used the handling fee contrib and it works great for me
  10. Looking for a way to add a service charge to a subtotal if it is under a certain dollar amount, depending on the category. I have looked in the contribs and I don't see one there, maybe I have over looked it.
  11. starview

    Shipping price by product

    There might be a contributions for this, but i have searched and could not find one. How would you setup shipping price for each product. If this is possible. or by category. prefer by product if possible.
  12. starview

    [Contribution] Register globals easy

    I did not find the problem here, but I got information from my server as follows: "This might not work for anyone else, but it worked great for me." You can turn it on for your individual web sites by entering the following into a .htaccess file: php_flag register_globals on The .htaccess file should be in your public_html folder.
  13. starview

    [Contribution] Register globals easy

    I done every thing in the Workaround and it it didnot make any differance, I still get the following error. Server Requirement Error: register_globals is disabled in your PHP configuration. This can be enabled in your php.ini configuration file or in the .htaccess file in your catalog directory
  14. Is there a contribution that will do the following. or in the making To have one menu come up where you can add a new product to a category, description, manufacture name,add attribution options "color, size", images, price.
  15. starview

    Minimum Order By Category

    There is already a contribution made that will do what you are asking for: Minimum Order Quantity Per Product. You can set the minimum order on any product in any category.