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  1. AWESOME. The order gets processed now. It works the best if you click the stock "checkout" button on the shopping cart then click "checkout with Paypal" on checkout.php. Paying with Paypal this way will take you to a "thank you" page and the order is processed correctly. This is the only way it will work but it's better than what it was. Thank You for your help getting this working. I will just remove the "checkout by paypal" on the shopping cart and the "confirm order" button on checkout.php. This will force customers to create an account and then use paypal to pay. Thanks so much for all your work on this. Jeff
  2. What I would like it to do is after paying with Paypal to take me to the "Thank You for your order" page and have the order processed, Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the reply. If I use Paypal express with the out of the box checkout, it works fine. When I have this contrib installed it doesn't matter if I click "checkout with Paypal" on the shopping_cart.php or checkout.php it always brings me back to the checkout.php page after I login to paypal and select to pay. Then it won't let me confirm because it says I need to select a payment. My test site is located here: http://6litereaterdesigns.com/teststore Thanks for any help you can give. Jeff
  4. Thanks for your work on this contribution. I am trying to use Paypal Express and it just keeps sending me back to checkout.php. Here's the flow with the new contrib.. I login, go to checkout.php, it gives me a button to checkout using Paypal, I click it, log in to Paypal, then it takes me back to the checkout.php, when I click on confirm order it tells me to "Please select a payment method" and the order never gets processed. I would like it to work like this and need to know if it's possible: go to checkout.php, click confirm, sends you to paypal, pay, returns back to "thank You" message. I like the express module because an order will not get generated in the admin if someone backs out of Paypal like in the standard module. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Jeff