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  1. vishalchauhan

    sorry but what happened?

  2. vishalchauhan

    Need module that calculates shipping

    Hi Chris Many thanks for your reply here is my site link http://nts-info.com/PrimeServices/ you can purchase for testing and you can see for USPS and UPS shipping charges I don't know for which services my client signed up. he sent me just username and password for usps account and told me to configure. i have configure it in oscommerce 2.2rc. But still it gives me error like..... if you want usps shipping charges then contact your store owner. I told my client to call on usps number and tell them to switch its account from test to production (i have read it in one of the posts) here is link http://forums.oscomm...ic/263492-usps/ how can know my client called up or not? module is still not working? Any other specific requirement to install module? should i uninstall and install againg?
  3. vishalchauhan

    Need module that calculates shipping

    Hi Satih I'd installed USPS from osc 2.2 but still it's not working, giving me error like if you want USPS shipping charges then contact your store owner. I have told my client to create account and give me detail which they got from USPS, they did it. but still error is coming, I told him to call on USPS number for activate account and turn test to production but again they sent me same detail without any clarification. what should i do for activate USPS shipping charget? Is there any other way to know my USPS account is activated or not? Thanks in advance..
  4. vishalchauhan

    UPSXML shipping charge

    Hi Everyone, I have installed UPS XML 1.3.91 for shipping charge but it's giving me error like United Parcel Service United Parcel Service 10002: The XML document is well formed but the document is not valid If you prefer to use UPS as your shipping method, please contact Test Store via Email. Please help , i am new for it and want to install usp shipping charges. What is the process/steps for installing this module? Access key is required for ups shipping? How can i get it? Please guide me.. Thanks in advance.