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  1. What's the "best" Osc SugarCRM add-on generally and by specific function? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm looking at the add-ons Supertracker v3.1a AND User Tracking with Admin 1.0 for my shopping cart. I'm looking to track the viewers and gather as much info as possible. Has anyone used either and/or how would you review the two? Thanks.
  3. Thanks kymation and toyicebear. I understand now. What I should have asked about was coding for autoscrolling the images. Got it worked out.
  4. I'm asking about the thumbnail images beneath the larger image. Is that coded?
  5. Are you saying it's not part of an add-on but coded page by page?
  6. Hi, Anyone know who created the demo @ OR if this is an add on? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I'm curious - is there a "slideshow" add-on that will display a slideshow while in the product info page? so the customer can see different images of the product. Thanks.