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    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Ive managed to get my products up onto google merchant, all seemed fine until i reaised that the prices showing on google shopping for my store where without UK VAT, After searching this thread i found, UK Store Feeds who need the VAT to be Correct in Google Feeds - FIND /*************** BEGIN MASTER SETTINGS ******************/ REPLACE WITH /*************** BEGIN MASTER SETTINGS ******************/ $taxRate = 20.0; //default = 0 (e.g. for 20.0% tax use "$taxRate = 20.0;") $taxCalc = ($taxRate/100) + 1; //Do not edit FIND FORMAT( IFNULL(specials.specials_new_products_price, products.products_price), 2) AS price, REPLACE WITH FORMAT( IFNULL(specials.specials_new_products_price, products.products_price) * " . $taxCalc . ",2) AS price, MAKE SURE THIS IS SET TO 0 and not 1 define('OPTIONS_ENABLED_INCLUDE_TAX', 0); Done. Simples. ;-) This i have done! yet still when creating a new data feed, my prices are still without UK VAT, Can any1 help?
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    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Can anyone help ? im only a rookie! I am getting an error code when trying to prouce a data feed from within admin, : SQL error Unknown column 'products.products_brand' in 'field list'| sql = SELECT concat( 'http://reefbathrooms.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=' ,products.products_id) AS product_url, products_model AS prodModel, manufacturers.manufacturers_name AS mfgName, manufacturers.manufacturers_id, products.products_id AS id, products_description.products_name AS name, products_description.products_description AS description, products.products_quantity AS quantity, products.products_status AS prodStatus, products.products_weight AS prodWeight, products.products_brand as brand, FORMAT( IFNULL(specials.specials_new_products_price, products.products_price) * 1.19,2) AS price, CONCAT( 'http://reefbathrooms.co.uk/images/' ,products.products_image) AS image_url, products_to_categories.categories_id AS prodCatID, categories.parent_id AS catParentID, categories_description.categories_name AS catName FROM (categories, categories_description, products, products_description, products_to_categories) left join manufacturers on ( manufacturers.manufacturers_id = products.manufacturers_id ) left join specials on ( specials.products_id = products.products_id AND ( ( (specials.expires_date > CURRENT_DATE) OR (specials.expires_date is NULL) OR (specials.expires_date = 0) ) AND ( specials.status = 1 ) ) ) WHERE products.products_id=products_description.products_id AND products.products_id=products_to_categories.products_id AND products_to_categories.categories_id=categories.categories_id AND categories.categories_id=categories_description.categories_id AND categories_description.language_id = 1 AND products_description.language_id = 1 ORDER BY products.products_id ASC i understand this is some problem with my database, although im unsure what i need to change or add, can anyone show my some light! =) thanks!