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  1. hi, we did fix it, my developer did , will send you info how in 2-3 days.... best
  2. jacekbr

    Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme

    Hi All, any suggestions how to run with Paypal express and Google checkout ?
  3. Work perfect with Paypal express but how to run with Google Checkout ?
  4. Hi, so, after 3 days ......... is WORKING !!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best !!!!!! Thank you very, very much.
  5. hi, i did try but not working, i know how to add the item name or item description : for name i use: $params['L_NAME' . $line_item_no] = $product['name']; (on screen first line "Aliens vs Predator (PC) .....) for description: $params['L_DESC' . $line_item_no] = $product['name']; ( on screen second line "Item description: Aliens vs Predator ... ) this new line: $params['L_PAYMENTREQUEST_0_NAME' . $line_item_no] = $product['name']; (from PP webapi instruction - do nothing) But after changes still no item name in email from PP but we have price, Qty , so look like part of data is send to pp only no item name. hmmmm, starnge ..... Best
  6. Hi, it is a version from osc 2.3.1 http://www.oscommerce.com/solutions/downloads After installation inside osc paypay express is 1.2 Tnx
  7. OK, thank you, now i know more..... I did re-install pp script and now have Version: 1.2 . Work better , have item decryption on pp page but still no in email. Please see addated jpg. Any ideas ? Thank you
  8. hi, I have the same problem with OSC 2.2 RC2 and PayPal Express Checkout. No description at all, can you help me please ? Best