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  1. With a new install of osc I completed the install and all went well until I select the "Choose File" in the product editor.

    The popup errors with


    You don't have permission to access /osc/admin/includes/filebrowser/index.php on this server.


    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


    I checked the permissions on the index.php in the filebrowser folder as well as the folder itself. they are the same as all other index.php files in oscommerce install.

    The website comes up and so does the admin,


    What else to check.



    I FOUND THIS in the .htaccess file in the admin/includes folder


    #<Files *.php>

    #Order Deny,Allow

    #Deny from all


  2. I tried a brand new install also and the AIM method will not work however the SIM does work. I tested curl using (from SSH) curl https://secure.authorize.net and get the proper return so I do no think it is a curl or server issue.

    #curl https://secure.authorize.net
    <META NAME="Authorize.Net -- Enabling more businesses to process transactions wor
    <FRAME NAME="top" SRC="https://Account.authorize.net/ui/themes/anet/merch.app" NOR


    Looking for help also.

  3. Think I found it looking into the code includes/modules/sts_inc


    I needed to use $cataloglogo and also place my image into the templatefolder/images/english since the general.php has the language folder referenced


    I also needed to name the image header_logo.gif and not store_logo.png


    So I ended up with putting $cataloglogo instead of <img border="0" src="images/store_logo.png"> in the template (sts_template.html of index.php.html in my case)

    and also created the image and placed it in includes/sts_templates/test/images/english naming it header_logo.gif to match the code


    	$sts->template['cataloglogo'] = '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT). '">' . tep_image(STS_TEMPLATE_DIR.'images/'.$language . '/header_logo.gif', STORE_NAME) . '</a>'; 
    // Modified in v4.3



    Great contribution.

  4. I posted question in http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=285293 (working from this post now sorry)

    I have uploaded the html_output.php into the includes/functions (after trying to edit by hand) Same status, I placed the logo in the template folder/images and it does not appear on the site.


    I moved the origional from the /images to keep it from appearing also. Am I reading this right that I should be putting my images in the templatefolder/images for this to work.

  5. I am trying to take advantage of images in the template folder using this step in the installation:

    2.6.7 includes/functions/html_output.php

    Note: the modifications in this file allows to use images located in the templates folder instead of the in the original catalog/images folder. This is done by checking if the image exists or not in the templates folder, and to use it if yes. If you are not going to use this feature, you don't need to modify this file

    function tep_image($src, $alt = '', $width = '', $height = '', $parameters = '') {
    Add after:
    // START STS v4.4:
    global $sts; 
    $sts->image($src); // Take image from template folder if exists.
    // END STS v4.4


    I take it the Add after goes within the function between the { and } If I put it after the function I get


    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/ugi/public_html/shop/includes/functions/html_output.php on line 116


    however if I put it

      function tep_image($src, $alt = '', $width = '', $height = '', $parameters = '')
    // START STS v4.4:
    global $sts;
    $sts->image($src); // Take image from template folder if exists.
    // END STS v4.4
    if ( (empty($src) || ($src == DIR_WS_IMAGES)) && (IMAGE_REQUIRED == 'false') )
      return false;
    // alt is added to the img tag even if it is null to prevent browsers from outputt
    // the image filename as default
    $image = '<img src="' . tep_output_string($src) . '" border="0" alt="' . tep_o
    utput_string($alt) . '"';
    if (tep_not_null($alt)) {
      $image .= ' title=" ' . tep_output_string($alt) . ' "';
    if ( (CONFIG_CALCULATE_IMAGE_SIZE == 'true') && (empty($width) || empty($heigh
    t)) ) {
      if ($image_size = @getimagesize($src)) {
    	if (empty($width) && tep_not_null($height)) {
    	  $ratio = $height / $image_size[1];
    	  $width = intval($image_size[0] * $ratio);
    	} elseif (tep_not_null($width) && empty($height)) {
    	  $ratio = $width / $image_size[0];
    	  $height = intval($image_size[1] * $ratio);
    	} elseif (empty($width) && empty($height)) {
    	  $width = $image_size[0];
    	  $height = $image_size[1];
      } elseif (IMAGE_REQUIRED == 'false') {
    	return false;
    if (tep_not_null($width) && tep_not_null($height)) {
      $image .= ' width="' . tep_output_string($width) . '" height="' . tep_output
    _string($height) . '"';
    if (tep_not_null($parameters)) $image .= ' ' . $parameters;
    $image .= '>';
    return $image;


    Then in my template folder I place my own store_logo.png the template system does not seem to pick it up, still using the one in the catalog/images folder

    has anyone accomplished this.

  6. I get when I enter a valid login and password.


    1054 - Unknown column 'createaccount' in 'where clause'


    select customers_id, customers_firstname, customers_password, customers_email_address, customers_default_address_id from customers where customers_email_address = 'al@heretohost.com'AND createaccount='Y'

  7. Just download the newest OSC then installed. Tested and worked as advertised.


    Then I download the STS Template System and installed using METHOD

    Install a clean version of the osCommerce Milestone 2.2 Release (OSC 2.2MS2),
    run the install program and verify that everything works.  (If you have 
    already added other contributions, it may not work the Easy way and 
    you may have to use the Advanced method.
    Then copy the following files into your /catalog/includes directory.
    configure-SAMPLE.php  <----- See note below! <---------
    NOTE: configure-SAMPLE.php is included in the ZIP file, but you will have to
    reenter all your configuration settings if you use it.  It is easier
    to just add the STS lines at the bottom of the file to the bottom of your 
    existing /catalog/includes/configure.php file.
    Add these lines to your /catalog/includes/configure.php script.  These lines 
    should go before the final line with the ?> characters on it.
    // STS: ADD: Define Simple Template System files
     define('STS_START_CAPTURE', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'sts_start_capture.php');
     define('STS_STOP_CAPTURE', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'sts_stop_capture.php'); 
     define('STS_RESTART_CAPTURE', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'sts_restart_capture.php');
     define('STS_TEMPLATE_DIR', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'sts_templates/');
     define('STS_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'sts_template.html'); 
     define('STS_DISPLAY_OUTPUT', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'sts_display_output.php');
     define('STS_USER_CODE', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'sts_user_code.php');
     define('STS_PRODUCT_INFO', DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'sts_product_info.php');
    // STS: EOADD


    And now I get this error:

    Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: currencies in /home/joanw/public_html/catalog/includes/application_top.php on line 258


    complaining about currencies



  8. I have a customer that is offering a FREE download product and we are noticing that people are over and over processing a new order to download the same FREE download.


    Is there a way to determine if this person has previously ordered the FREE download to inform them they have already purchased the product or to limit their ordering of the same product over and over.


    They really only need one FREE download since it is the same product each time they place an order.


    I know frustrated once again, but I am sure there is a solution.

  9. I cannot figure this one out. I must just be dense.


    I have products that are $0.00 (FREE) and are downloads. I cannot seem to remover the request for payment and shipping.


    I remember reading something similar to this early in my ventures with OSC but cannot find it now.


    I am running osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 (7-12-03)



    Any thoughts?

  10. Now to determine how to associate a series (CD) to all the individual files.


    We are storing the products with product numbers. I just split the series (CD) named BT11-061.zip to 5 files BT11-061-1.zip, BT11-061-2.zip, BT11-061-3.zip, BT11-061-4.zip and BT11-061-5.zip.


    I am storing then in download/61. Now I will have 5 directories 61 - 66 with 5 seperate zip files in each.


    A customer orders BT11-061-1.zip, no problem they download the BT11-061-1.zip from the download directory.


    Now if they order BT11-061.zip I need to package (zip) the 1-5.zip files together or make them all appear as downloads.


    Has anyone tried to add multiple files to the attribites area, just thinking that might work as an alternative?

  11. Matt,

    I failed to mention that the product is a combination of MP3' and PDF's.


    Each series has a listening sone, a accompaniment song, and a PDF of the sheet music. Pretty cool.


    Currently we have 5 songs per series. (BIG download file), the customer is considering selling as singles if the logic to store each single, (listening song, accompaniment, PDF) would allow the end user to select the series and the programming create the series.


    No problem with selling the singles since we started the bundles this way. Problem is creating the series, or what I am working on is offering a link to all of the singles upon purchase of the series. So 5 download links or 1 BIG download.


    I will work with your great suggestion.



  12. Anyone konw one might accomplish this?


    If I have 80 products, each with 10 items, rather than store the individual products already zipped, I would like to store them in seperate files.


    This would allow someone to create their own custom download product.


    The downloads in the catalog work perfectly but this enhanced way would allow people to create their own download list.


    Single products could then be bundled.


    It a music situation, someone could create their own collection or an album that has a couple of the same songs as another one could use the single copy of the song to include. This way the space required to store the files would be reduced.