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    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Michael, Dont know if you can help me, but I am still getting bumped back with just the orderhash string and no hash string. I have not had chance to work on it yet today but cant quite get my head around whether or not it as actually executing the scripts. I have my suspiscions that it is not. Did you get this result at any point or were you get the hash string all along. Also can you confirm that the testhash.e and .so files just need uploading to the cgi-bin or is there something more complicated needed in the way of installation. Hope your getting there with your database troubles anyway. Cheers, Richard.
  2. richandzhaoyan

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Just wondering if you had made any progress in this matter? After a few months building my site I am now in exactly the same position. With the same result (hacking error, order hash but no hash no.) being returned. Obviously trying to connect to the CPI (It gives the title Thank You at the top of IE very briefly!) but just getting shunted straight back to the return page. I must have read this whole thread a hundred times but am still at a loss. So far, I have installed the HSBC mod and uploaded the .e and .so files fom the secure epayments cd to my cgi bin and pointed the hsbc.php file to the correct location. I know my server is running with safe mode set to off and I am using shared SSL. Is there anything I am missing? Should I be doing anything else with the .so file in the way of installing/loading it? Anything else I can check on my webspace. I know it will be something daft!! Any help or updates as to how things are going for yourselves would be much appreciated.
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    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hi Guys, Just a quick follow up to my previous post. I dont know if i am stating the obvious but the reason I couldnt get through to the hsbc site as a customer on your websites was that I am running IE v5.0, which as standard is only capable of 40-bit security. This is very easily upgraded with the increased security patch but I would still be interested to know how many customers you are losing as a result of this. May I suggest pointing this out to customers on your payment pages and/or placing a link through to the IE patch. I guess now I am aware of the above I will once again have to ponder the pros and cons of getting this mod implemented!! All the best with your own work, Richandzhaoyan
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    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hi guys, After a couple of months of building my site offline I am at the stage of getting things up and running. This is the first time I have worked with OScommerce which is a very impressive piece of software and it is due to the excellence of these support forums that I have not found the need to post any queries up till now. I am posting here now because I would like to know how the hsbc mod is working out. I am currently with hsbc and have merchant status with them so using their e-payments makes sense. However after having read through their literature and having followed this forum thread I am not too confident of trying to implement the mod. I have tied to place an order at freerangemum's website to view the system in action, only to be met with the same error message as listed in the previous post: "The transaction failed because the Storefront was configured incorrectly" Is this down to the setup on my browser? If so are orders being lost because of this? Basically I would like to hear any opinions as to whether it is worth tring to implement this system, any views from people already using the system as to its effectiveness or whether I should spend more time looking into more tried and tested alternatives, ie. Worldpay/protx. Any links to sites with the system fully working would be much appreciated also. Thanks in advance for any replies and keep up the excellent work with the forums and contributions, Richandzhaoyan