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  1. white_fallen_angel

    Country-State Selector

    Thank you for your quick answer. As my knowledge of PHP is very limited, I think the best solution for me is to uninstall the ajax version and install the 1.4 version. Thanks!
  2. white_fallen_angel

    Country-State Selector

    Hello. I have a quick question - I just installed Country-State Selector v1.5.5 (AJAX) and it is working as expected, except one small problem. I have found that when I start out on create_account page, if i submit the form without completing a mandatory field (ex. name or email address etc.), the page returns with the usual error, which is normal, and everything I typed in before stays the same except that the State in the drop-down list had changed from the correct state I selected before to a default value (ex. Alabama). So the costumers does't see that the state had changed to a default value, he's not paying attention to that, he corrects the other fields needed corrections but they leave the default state in there, and so it manages to create a customer account with the wrong State. What should I modify in order for the State to remain correctly selected and stop returning to the default value in the drop-down State list after the customers returns on the create_account.php page in order to correct some missing fiels? Thanks!