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  1. afrapay

    [Contribution] Theme Switcher Store

    Need Help Please In the install doc. If you are starting with an unmodified copy of osCommerce 2.3 Do you mean new installation? you can simply upload all of the catalog New and catolag Modified files directory of this Distribution to your site Where in the main directory or inside the catalog directory? Copy the le-frog (or whatever yours is named) directory in its entirety into the catalog/ext/jquery/ui directory on your server. Copy the entire directory with all of its files and subdirectory structure intact. Do not copy the themes or development-bundle directory or the Zip file. So do you mean the whole le-frog folder? I need to make sure that I understand it, because I have done it twice and can't get the theme to appear in the admin/color themes / install It would have been much easier with a video instruction, Many Thanks
  2. afrapay

    [Addon} Theme Switcher

    Hi,Do you have a video on youtube for the step by step instructions? if so can you provide the link please, Thanks