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  1. samwoods

    MIGS payment for ANZ egate

    Hi saif, did you get this sorted out? I am having a similar issue, only different in that it is not consistent, the error is occasional. Thanks and regards, Sam
  2. Hi there, Firstly, thanks for the contrib! I have downloaded and installed this module and it all seems to work when tested. The only conflict I am having is with my payment module. I have added the filename (cc_via_migs.php) in the exclude list and I am assuming this is the correct file as it is the only one that references the payment gateway in the includes/module folder. Unfortunately there is still a conflict even when I exclude the file. If you could let me know if there is any other area that I need to look at then your help would be much appreciated. Regards, Sam
  3. samwoods

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I need this too! Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance, Sam
  4. samwoods


    Thanks Vger, you are a champ! I reloaded the two order_total module files and it worked like a charm. I thought I had the latest version, but I must have missed those module files when I was installing this version over the other version I had that wasn't working. Thanks too, for such a quick response. I have been on other forums for other things and waited weeks for answers (that's even if I got an answer) so thanks again. Regards, Sam
  5. samwoods


    Hi there all! I'm hoping someone out there can help me as I have spent 3 days trying to figure this out, scouring both forums and googling. I have managed to get the CCGV contrib working - mostly (thanks to those involved in this version as it cleaned up the mess I had with another ccgv install.) The issue I now have is when I go to the checkout_payment page to pay for an order, when I try to use 'Tick to use Gift Voucher account balance' it tells me I haven't selected a payment method, however, when I select a payment method and then tick the box, it proceeds normally and deducts from the credit in my account. It almost seems like the Gift Voucher needs to be a payment module (even though I know that others have this contrib working so it doesn't need to be!) Any help would be much appreciated. R. Sam