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  1. fxmatics

    Free Product Checkout Module (Bypass Payment)

    File UPDATED! o:) Additional instruction to Bypass SHIPPING PAGE and PAYMENT PAGE for free product(s). http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8080
  2. Free Product Checkout Module (Bypass Payment) intend to bypass payment procedure for free product(s). If Some one upgread it please don,t forget to inform me at this contact form: http://www.fxmatics.com/my-contact/ DEMO: http://www.fxmatics....ex.php/cPath/22 Install Free Product Module --------------------------- 1. Upload all the content inside the included /catalog/ folder to the folder where your shops files are located on your server. 2. Go into your shops admin modules >> payment , choose and install the "Free Product" module and fill out the required info. Have a good Free!!! :thumbsup: