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  1. OK, the prices I can sort, but any ideas on the UTF-8 settings? When I get to Checkout all my prices show that squiggly A. Going to View/ Character Encoding says the page is being viewed in ISO-8859-15. This module wouldn`t have changed any of those settings along the way would it? Many Thanks Simon@SmallWars
  2. Hi All, I`ve got a couple of issues with this mod that I cannot fathom. When I installed the mod my prices as displayed at checkout started to look like this £1.34. I`m not sure what the A with the squiggle on top is called, but I`m sure its not supposed to be there. For Special Delivery Next Day for a parcel weighing 30grams my price is £5.05 but on Royal Mail website its £5.45 how do I adjust it to show the correct price? Same problem for ParcelForce 48 except other way round, my price £16.79, ParcelForce £10.79 Many Thanks for your help folks. Simon@SmallWars