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  1. Hey! Thanks for the quick reply. You know, I had played with this feature and I am enrolled with Paypal Standard payments via my PayPal account, but, I notice that when the billing moves from my website to my PayPal standard page, the itemized products are removed and replaced with only the total cost of my (test) cart and the name of my website, instead of the name of any product. Using PayPal standard, is there a charge for API credentials? I can't seem to figure how this is supposed to be configured from PayPal to my Website. (Public Certificates, etc.) I have spent the last few days trying to resolve this, even dangerously editing code in sensitive module files, all to no success. (I do know to backup! :) ) I'm a complete novice at this. I am far better a PHP "manipulator", but, cannot seem to pull raw code from my rear to make anything useful happen. Thanks again for your reply. Any further thoughts are greatly appreciated...
  2. Has anyone ever found or produced a fix for the discount passing over using PayPal express? I have been searching for days! So... tired... vision.... blurring....... HELP!
  3. I have searched everywhere for this. I would LOVE to create this myself, but, I have no skill to do so, as I am only beginning. Can anyone help to get us a Box that randomly displays one of ALL products, instead of just new products? I opened the new_products.php and laughed. I'm too new to figure out this one! :huh: I looked at the contributions for this for 2.3.1 but I can't find it myself. Did I miss it?
  4. tdejesus

    [Addon] Generic Box

    Ok. I narrowed my problem down to the single quotes, located the database entry, and carefully modified it to remove only the suspect quotes. Clicked, "GO", refreshed admin, Success! I am now able to modify my code. I don't know much about PHP and MySQL, (learning), but I do know how dangerous and intimidating the database can be. In the end, I logged into my database manager, and did a search of a portion of the code I could remember. Ultimatley, it narrowed to exactly 1 match where my problem rested. Thanks for reading my other posts and I'm sorry if I wasted any of your time.
  5. tdejesus

    [Addon] Generic Box

    Heh. One last post, I promise! I noticed you had somebody with this issue trying to add the word C'est. I don't think I have any quotes or single quotes in my code, so I am still lost. Just a note to add to my last post. Thanks again.
  6. tdejesus

    [Addon] Generic Box

    Hmmmm. Well, Actually I have found an issue. After using the box for awhile, I find I need to make some extremely minor changes to the contents. Unfortunately, the "English Contents: Enter the contents that you want in your box in English" section has no editable box under it anymore! :/ It was there when I first installed and configured, but I can't alter it because it's gone. http://shopforstickers.com/Generic_box_1_0_2_ERR.png Any clues? EDIT: I just noticed this after clicking the edit box for the generic module. It's at the top... "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/99/7848599/html/catalog/adminx/modules.php(232) : eval()'d code on line 1" http://shopforstickers.com/generic_BOX_PARSE_ERROR.png I'm sorry to hassle, but, I don't know much about PHP.
  7. tdejesus

    [Addon] Generic Box

    EXACTLY what I was looking to do! Thanks for ALL of your effort and time. My box works and worked the first time without hitch. I love it, Thanks again! :thumbsup: