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  1. Ive installed the dynamoeffects paypal payment module (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3647) on a 2.3.1 OSC installation, everything works fine apart from I would like to move the card input fields onto the checkout confirmation page instead of the payment page, as I have seen done with other modules. I have experienced several times where people believe they have placed the order only to realise they didnt click the final confirm order button, this would eliminate that problem i think. Is there a way I can do this? Ive been digging around the code and nothing leaps out at me, so it would be good to hear what functions control this happening and then maybe I can get my hands dirty with it. Many thanks Tony
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    Wonder if someone can help with this. I have 2.3.1 installed with latest version of order editor and it seems that when i edit an order the colons go missing from the end of the order total titles. It isnt a big issue, but annoying nonetheless. If the customer places the order through the website they appear fine, but if I enter the order in the admin area they arent there. the only exception to this is the VAT line. The sub-total lines and total lines are missing the colon however. The shipping line updates to include the colon if I click it on the left hand selection. I cant seem to find where the colon comes from at the moment (still digging), can anyone help please? Tony
  3. Can someone help please, I have just updated the stock admin pages for 2.3 with this and now I cant log in to the admin side. I have deleted the entries from the administrators database table through phpmyadmin, and it then asks me to create a new user when i go to log in, but then it simply wont let me log in at all, just keeps going back to the login page. Any help would be really appreciated