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  1. Hi did you get solution for it
  2. Hi All, I installed fresh version OF 2.3.1 I activated paypal express module. 1. When I try testing my API credentials I get: The PayPal Express Checkout credentials are not set up correctly for the sandbox environment. array(0) { } similar error for Live environment. When I try checking out through the paypal express button in the cart I am not send anywhere and get an error message in the browser: shopping_cart.php?error_message= My API credentials are cpied from paypal API. I have business account. No idea whats happening.
  3. Anyone know how to fix this issue chase payment module Fatal error: Call to a member function getValue() on a non-object in D:\Hosting\6920086\html\ahalya\includes\modules\payment\paymentech.php on line 343